Monday, March 4, 2013

Michigan Monday: Wins By a Point

We all know in sports you can win or lose by the smallest margins.  Last night, Michigan beat it's biggest basketball rival by a single point, pretty much thanks to the best player in the Big Ten (and maybe nationally) Trey Burke with two steals and 21 points.  

I really enjoy watching this team and I can't tell you how happy I am to have Michigan relevant again in basketball.   John Beilien stole Burke under OSU's nose and pretty much right off Penn State's roster.   Trey is clearly one of the best players to ever wear the Maize and Blue in Crisler Center.  In a different time, we would have at least one more year with this dynamic guard.   Now, it's pretty much guaranteed he is heading to the next level. 

The thing that concerns me is this team is doing a lot of watching Burke play and not playing up to their individual levels.   Michigan won this game with out hitting a 3.  Here is a sample of the box score:

Burke: 21 points
McGary: 11 points
GR3: 8 points
LeVert: 8 points
Hardaway: 6 points
Morgan: 4 points

I assume Michigan will not win a share of the Big Ten Title even if they win out.  (IU is at home for OSU and finishes at Crisler) So that leaves the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.   If Michigan doesn't find a way to get guys like GR3, Hardaway and Stauskas going.  It's not going to be a long run.  Burke can't do it himself and it maybe the last time we get to see him in a Michigan jersey.   So the time is now to do something special,  I hope the team raises up and plays like it.

  • Drake Harris was at the basketball game yesterday and he sat and watched the game with Devin Gardner.  Drake also got to hang out with Shane Morris as well.  Michigan is not Drake's leader but they are gaining ground fast on the Spartans.  He is expected back next weekend.

  • 2014 LB Chase Winovich also enjoyed his visit to Ann Arbor.  Chase is very early on in his recruitment and liked what he saw in Ann Arbor.  The coaches invited him back for Spring Practice.   Right now Chase does not have an offer from Michigan yet.

  • 2015 RB Mike Weber hung out with Fred Jackson during the game.   Mike is very high on Michigan even though he doesn't want to make a decision until his senior year.  Michigan's relationship with Mike continues to grow.

  • 2015 QB Jayru Campbell was also on campus.  He enjoyed the game and talked to the coaches.  He currently does not have an offer from Michigan.  He will be back for the IU game.

  • Nick Saban called Michael Ferns last week and tried to get him to consider Alabama.  He declined.  :-) 

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Scott K said...

Nick Satan, really??? What a total douche! He had to know about Ferns printing the Team 135 shirts, and showing he's all in, ALL BLUE.. If he wasn't aware his recruiting staff is terrible....
So to try woo-ing him away, his ego is obviously bigger than his..... brain.