Saturday, March 23, 2013

Michigan Plays "Smart"

and it wasn't a Shakar (shocker).  (can't blame him too bad, he said he grew up a Michigan fan.  So he is clearly a smart guy and might be a perfect replacement for JB when he retires?) 

So that is what we have been looking for.  For the past 6 weeks the Michigan Wolverines were looking to get their "Swagger" back and it came in a form of a 6'10 Freshman in Mitch McGary.   As the guys during the CBS half-time put it, Michigan had the 3 best players on the court and MM joined them as the 4th.   Burke was back, GR3 was so hot that we burned through two jerseys,  Hardaway handled the ball well and shot well from behind the arc.

Talk about the best medicine, Michigan finally found a team that didn't want to take the air out of the ball.  VCU wanted to press and play up tempo and the Wolverines obliged.   It was a fun game to watch and it was great to see this team get their "swagger" back.

Welcome to the Sweet 16 Boys!

If the Wolverines can keep up the defensive intensity and Nik Stauskas can find the touch from 3 point land, look out Kansas and everyone else!

Editors Note:  I am going on vacation next week and might not have access to a ton of WiFi.   I will try to get my posts up but a few might be late or I might miss a day.     Enjoy the week of Michigan Basketball!

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Scott K said...

I certainly hope it wasn't coincidence that the game started out the way it did.... Intentionally getting production from Big Mitch and GRIII, Tim Jr even bringing the ball up court. Trey will get his, Trey will positively affect the game to be sure... However, getting the game underway, taking 'shut down Trey' away from the defense is certain to knock the game plan for a loop, and getting Big Mitch and GRIII involved and productive is a GREAT plan. Lets hope that continues and we don't go back to Trey, Trey, Trey.... GO BLUE