Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Pro Day and Saturday Practice

Tomorrow is Pro Day for the former Wolverine seniors looking to take the next step to the NFL.   Guys like Roy Roundtree, Craig Roh, JT Floyd, Big Will, Kovacs and Kenny Demens will get a chance to showcase their skills to NFL scouts.   Denard Robinson of course got to show his stuff at the NFL Combine and at the Senior Bowl.   The rumor is Denard will throw passes on Thursday.

“I’m pretty focused on all of the drills because that’s what I’ve been working on since the Outback Bowl,” Roundtree said. “Also been working on my 40. Everybody wants to see if you run fast or run slow.  The biggest thing is the 40.”

“I’m in a position where I have a lot to prove,” cornerback J.T. Floyd said. “Scouts want to know how fast I am, so I have to prove that. My ball skills, I didn’t have any interceptions my senior year and that was the first time, every year I had an interception except my redshirt freshman year and senior year in college.

“High school, multiple interceptions. I am anxious to show my ball skills and movement. That’s critical for a corner.”

Spring practice starts on Saturday and there is a new ESPN interview with Brady Hoke up.   Nothing ground breaking but he did confirm Norfleet is back on offense. 

Brady on RB situation this Spring:

BH: You know, Fitz has come along pretty well. I don't think he'll do a lot of contact or anything like that, but I think he'll be cleared for a lot more drill work. That's gone real well. We've moved [Dennis] Norfleet back to running back and we're going to give him an opportunity. Dennis, he's a smaller guy, but he's a very competitive, very tough young man. Drake Johnson is a guy we redshirted a year ago, and we really liked the way he competed in scout situations. In the bowl practices, we did some scrimmages and gave him a lot of carries, and we're very excited about what he has to offer. Thomas Rawls is coming back, and I think he learned a lot last year about the vision he needs to play with, and I like how he's competed through the [winter]. And Justice Hayes is a guy who gives you a little bit different look because of how he can get on the perimeter. He did some things in a couple of games last year, but now I think he'll have a big stage to prove himself more this spring. And he's a bigger guy now, he's 190-something pounds, so he's a little bigger.

There are more updates on the offensive lines and pretty much all the positions in the article. 

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