Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Adding Good Weight

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, "I really could use a few more pounds?"  Maybe in junior high school?  Maybe never?  I was skinny once, once.  

Putting on weight is something that is important for college football players in some positions.  Players coming from high school don't have the S&C resources that Michigan does.  Included in the strength and conditioning program is nutrition.  Jimmy was very concerned about the S,C, and N of his program a few years ago.    That is no longer a worry, as he hired Ben Herbert from Arkansas and Wisconsin two years ago.  

"He’s been 100-percent respected and loved by every single player on the team," Harbaugh said at Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. "That's rare for that to happen. He’s that good, he's made that big of an impact on the team, as has his entire staff. Been phenomenal. It's been a game-changer. The precision, too. If you went into our weight room and just saw the precision in the way the machines are set up. The precision in the way the workout is planned and organized, it really rubs off on our team, that attention to detail is always present in every single workout. Great thing for our team to learn. He's the best I've been around."

Here is a list of players that added some significant "good" weight:

QB Joe Milton: +11
WR Cornelius Johnson +14
WR George Jonson +13
TE Mustapha Muhammed +16
OT Jon Runyan +11
OT Andrew Stuber +11
OT Jalen Mayfield +23
OT Ryan Hayes +28
C Nolan Rumler +31
G Karsen Barnhart +28

DT Ben Mason +16
DT Chris Hinton +38
DE Julius Welschof +25
DE Kitty Paye +17
LB Charles Thomas +11
LB Anthony Solomon +15
CB DJ Tuner +15
S Josh Metellus +14

The few things that jumped out to me are that the true freshman weight in HS seem to be lighter then most people thought.  Mayfield and Muhammed both had some big gains for their positions and needed it.   Rumler also added some needed weight for his backup center role.

On defense the only guy that stood out to me was Josh Metellus who I expect will play close the LOS this fall.  Paye will also benefit from the extra pounds as a rush DE.

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