Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Is Michigan Better Than Rutgers?

If your like me, every Michigan fan has two sides of their brain.  One side, thinks the only way for the Wolverines to get back in favor this weekend is to put up 100 on Rutgers.   The other side wonders, could Michigan lose this game?  Maybe there is a third side that contemplates, when does basketball start?

That is the world we live in right now.   Michigan's best player and current MVP through 3 games is its punter.   Not good folks, lets look at some numbers:

Total Offense:  
Michigan 116
Rutgers 120

Passing Offense:
Michigan 97
Rutgers 101

Rushing Offense:
Michigan 116
Rutgers 122

Total Defense:
Michigan 26
Rutgers 46

Passing Defense:
Michigan 5
Rutgers 12

Rushing Defense:
Michigan 89
Rutgers 92

So what do you think?  Do you see a huge disparity between those numbers?  I sure don't.  Michigan's passing defense is so good because they have played 2 teams that have barley attempted a pass.   If your the 89th rushing defense, you might see a few runs against you.

Michigan is so bad in every category this reminds me of the Hoke/RR years where they could barely do anything right.  Don Brown better be sleeping at his office with his 89th ranked rushing defense.   What the hell is that?

This is also a nightmare start for Gattis and the Wolverines offense.  116th offense with an experienced offensive line, NFL WR's, and a 5 star 5th year senior QB.   Gattis could have taken a vacation during Fall Camp and this team would be better offensively.

To answer the question in the title, Michigan is Rutgers right now.   Vegas has Michigan -27.5 right now, taking the points seems like a strong position with the above stats.


Goose said...

Oh my, things are worse than I thought. Michigan football is a dumpster 🔥

Cmfgoblue said...

So whats the news on a new coach.......... .....still waiting...... damn...

Blazze330 said...

I see why Bama didnt hire him as OC

Cormac said...

Excuse me, excuse me! I have to get off this ship! I don't want to be the last rat to jump off the sinking ship aka the Michigan football team.

After reading most of this article and getting a feeling from the beginning of the season until now, I just wonder if Gattis (and Harbaugh) tried to introduce too much of the "famed" and much-vaunted #speedinspace offense?

Colleen said...

It is time to play Mazi Smith and Chris Hinton DT. Big bodies in the middle. Please no more 3-3-5, lining up undersized Mason and Glasgow on the line. The next three games should be building blocks. And how about a teammate coming to the back of Dylan McCaffrey when he got a concussion. No onions on this team including Harbaugh, who looks lost. His past teams would thump you, knock you on your ass, and enjoy it. I would like to see him have some fire on the sidelines, he needs to set the tone. Larry Foote would be my choice to run the defense. Everyone has Don Brown figured out. Go Blue.

Goose said...


MichiganMan said...

He is 🔥 ed.... that was easy

Goose said...

If Jim Harbaugh can't coach Michigan, then who can? | Sporting News

Hood article, good read.

Goose said...


Voice of Reason said...

Goose, good article. I see the point being that with so much vitriol against Harbaugh now, if he left then who would coach Michigan? Who with a great resume would want to come into Ann Arbor with all of this craziness and deal with the "if you don't win with our limited talent then you will hear from us calling for your ouster" fan base? We have a tendency to think that there are great coaches just lining up to take this job. That ain't the truth. If we were such as great place to work then why did we hire Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke (the dreck) to coach Michigan. Why didn't we bring in an Urban Meyer or another top tier coach that was available? In spite of Urban Meyer's former relationship with osu, he knew that their roster was far more loaded than Michigan's and they were already winning. We couldn't even get the former Rutgers coach Greg Shiano to come to Michigan from his (POS) Rutgers school. If you remember, candidates were taking their names out of the running even our own Les Miles publicly said he wasn't coming. IMHO!!!