Friday, September 25, 2020

Michigan Friday: PAC 12 is Back, MAC Next?

The PAC 12 is going to come back in November and the Mountain West is coming back in October, which only leaves the MAC as a the only D1 conference sitting out.   The PAC 12 is going to play a 7 game season.  The MAC is expected to make a decision this weekend on whether they will play this season.  They lose money on football, so they might decide to sit this one out. 

With the SEC starting to play this weekend, we might start seeing real college football.   What I've seen so far, isn't great.  With that said, it seems COVID 19 continues to be undefeated:

  • ND has over 10 players test positive and their game this weekend has been re-scheduled 
  • Houston has had 5 games scheduled - all cancelled 
  • FAU has had two games cancel in a row, the latest is USF who played ND last weekend.  (anyone in South Bend regret playing an out of conference game?)
  • Colorado has to shut down practice for 2 weeks for a local ordinance. 
  • State of Wisconsin is under a State of Emergency for an up tick in cases from college campuses.  
  • ESPN is showing UAB vs. South Alabama on a Thursday night
I'm excited for Michigan Football but I don't think we will know if games are on, until both teams take the field.  

  • Purdue's Rondale Moore is back 

  • Looks like the win requirement for Bowl Games is going to be removed this year  

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