Monday, September 28, 2020

Michigan Monday: Jalen Cleared and D Rob Heats Up

The Good News is Jalen Mayfield has been cleared and will suit up for the Wolverines offensive line in  3 weeks in Minnesota.  Ambry and Nico, what up?

The next piece of good news is Duncan Robinson is starting for the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.  Let that sentence float over you for a minute.  Duncan didn't really start much at Michigan and he is now a starter in the NBA Finals against LeBron.  Duncan has taken an opportunity with the Heat, become even a better shooter, and is now starting in the NBA Finals (have I mentioned that?).

I'm very proud of Duncan, all the hard work and taking advantage of this opportunity.   I love the stories about Iguodala thinking he was a ball boy, Coach Spoelstra making him run for not shooting in practice, and the ESPN broadcast crew making fun of his points in the paint.    There is a story floating around twitter today about Duncan reaching out to the Ringer about a career in Sports Journalism after his senior year.  He expected his basketball career was ending.  

Did you notice how pure his shot was last night?  He knew those 3's were going in.   Glad this bubble is at Disney because his story is becoming a Disney Movie.   

  • Ruiz is now starting for the Saints
  • Big Mike also started for the Patriots yesterday
  • Winovich is on a path to become an All Pro DE
Love all the success these guys are having in the Pro's!!  Go Blue!

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