Thursday, September 24, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Who Moved My Cheese.....Man?

As Michigan fans are waiting on the decisions and final verdicts if Nico and Ambry can/want to play, Michigan loses another player at a position that is pretty important but rarely gets any fanfare, long snapper.  Cameron Cheeseman has decided to opt out of Michigan's Big Ten season and train for the next level.   He is a 5th year senior but this decision is a bit surprising, as long snappers usually don't leave with eligibility left.  Good luck Cheeseman and I hope the Raiders pick you up, because Gruden would have a field day with your last name.  

  • I'm guessing we will see more prospects waiting until February to sign this year as the dead period is extended to January.  So that means no official visits, if you want to visit a school you have to on your own dime.   Coaches can't visit you either.  

  • That should be good news for local talents like Edwards and Benny but the longer those recruitments go the worse it is for Michigan.  See the Drew Kendall example as the proof point, he hasn't announced yet but all indications are that he is heading to BC.   There was a time he was a lock to the Wolverines. 

  • Coach Gattis is supporting Nico's decision either way and we will hear soon from Nico.

  • It also sounds like Gattis is a big supporter of Joe Milton:  “Joe’s really, really – if you said who’s one of the most improved players on the team, obviously I would like to throw Joe in that mix,” Gattis said. “I don’t just say that from a physical standpoint, when we’re talking about improvement, improvement comes in a number of different ways. Leadership, physically and then obviously being able to learn the offense. Joe’s been exceptional.”


Goblu said...

I look forward to seeing Milton play, just wish that Dylan played the past two years vs wasting time on Shae. But oh well.

MichiganMan said...

Goblue either he played or didn't play I think it would have been same result... Jim Harbaugh is a quarterback killer...don't even say he made Andrew luck Andrew luck made himself he was an exceptional quarterback one in a generation.... Whether he had harbaugh as a coach or not he still would have been a star....