Friday, October 9, 2020

Michigan Friday: 2 Weeks From Football

In a world, where the US President and Les Miles both have tested positive for COVID in the last week and a small group of people were targeting the Michigan Governor for kidnapping, the Wolverines take the field in just over two weeks.  That's right, Michigan is starting its season in late October for the Little Brown Jug.  Things are clearly the same and nothing out of the ordinary is happening.  

Things we don't know about the game in two weeks:

  • Kickoff time 
  • Will both teams stay positive and test negative 
  • Nico?
  • Weather - Snow?
  • Joe Milton as the starting QB
  • Michigan DB's outside of Dax
  • Chris Evans rust?
  • Will Michigan's road woes continue
I don't love how the Big Ten put the Wolverines on the road in week one and did it against a good Minnesota team.  Just like I had a sinking feeling about not starting the season in the Big House, I have a similar sinking feeling this will be a night game.   With 3 networks (ESPN, FOX, and BTN) needing a primetime game, there is no better team to put under the lights then the Wolverines.   Don't forget the Big Ten's strategy: put Michigan on TV against tough opponents for TV ratings and give OSU the easiest possible path to the playoffs.   That strategy is undefeated for Big Ten Millions. 

If Michigan moved to the Big 12, it think they could negotiate only home games and neutral locations.  👍😀

When I watched the Golden Gophers last season, I thought they were over rated.  PJ is building something in the Twin Cities that wasn't fully formed yet.   To remind you of their season:

Struggled but won the first 4 games against the likes of South Dakota State (28-21), Fresno State (38-35), Georgia Southern (35-32), and Purdue (38-31).  

Then went on a blow out streak for the next 4:  Illinois (40-17), Nebraska (34-7), Rutgers (42-7), Maryland (52-10)

The next 4 included huge wins and losses:  Penn State W (31-26), Iowa L (19-23), Northwestern W (38-22), Wisconsin L (17-38).

Post Season: Nice win over Auburn 31-24 in the Outback Bowl. 

The Gophers struggled early but found a way to win against lesser teams.  They won a big game a home against Penn State and like all Big Ten teams (outside the professional one in Columbus) struggle to win games late in the year on the road against good teams.  

We have no idea what either team will be in two weeks,  What I have seen watching college football for the last month is pretty poor execution.   I would hope that is not the case for the Wolverines as they have been practicing for almost 3 months.  

Every year its a mystery on what the Wolverines are going to be, their kryptonite has been away games and away night games.   Let's hope in this new world, that is different as well. 

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Voice of Reason said...

If it weren't for the money, I'd say Michigan should consider the Big 12 conference move. IMHO!!!