Monday, October 12, 2020

Michigan Monday: An NFL Example of Speed in Space

That was a hell of a Sunday for sports.  Congratulations to former Fab 5 bench guy Rob Pelinka, GM of the World Champions LA Lakers.   Also a huge hat tip to the Miami Heat and Duncan Robinson for a great bubble run.  

The game that intrigued me the most on Sunday was Vegas at KC.  Andy Reid has built the example speed in space offense and Vegas tried to copy that example.   Yes, KC has a freak under center but their WR's are asked to do 2 things, run fast and catch the ball.   They do that very well.   Vegas is trying to build the same thing with guys like Alabama's Henry Ruggs and that strategy got them a win over the Chiefs in Kansas City.  

This is what coach Gattis is trying to build in Ann Arbor with the WR's he is recruiting.  Gone are the DPJ's, Black's, and the Nico's of the world.   The WR room now looks like Jackson, Henning, Johnson, Wilson, and Sainristil.  Those were all highly recruited guys, but the point is these guys match what Coach wants to do.   Will one or a couple guys become stars?  Maybe, but the advantage is to have all these guys run routes that makes it difficult for any defense to lock them down.  

I thought the game yesterday was a good example of that.   Vegas was hitting the deep ball on KC which opened huge holes in the running game.  

  • 4 star DT Rayshaun Benny tweeted out that he is announcing soon.  Between, Michigan, PSU, MSU, and UK.  Michigan needs Benny and is expected to be the leader in the club house.

  • The ACC wanted ND so much that the Golden Domers will play their 4th home game in a row next weekend.   To be fair, they were supposed to travel to Wake before their COVID break out a couple weeks ago.  They also will play Clemson in South Bend.   The Big Ten loves Michigan so much they put them on the road in a trophy game week 1 and will host their instate rival week 2.  

  • Tracking Tarik:  Texas lost a 4 OT game in the Red River Showdown and scored 45 points.  Black had 1 catch for 24 yards.  On the season, he has 7 catches for 116 total yards and 1 TD in 4 games, with 5 catches and TD coming week 1 against UTEP. 

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Cormac said...

>Gone are the DPJ's, Black's, and the Nico's of the world. The WR room now looks like Jackson, Henning, Johnson, Wilson, and Sainristil.

No thanks.