Sunday, November 22, 2020

4.5 hours of Something Close to Football

I know what I said, but I thought I would share a few thoughts about what we watched last night.   If you didn't spend nearly 5 hours watching Michigan - Rutgers I don't blame you one bit. 

Here are my random thoughts in no order:

  • 3 OT's against Rutgers?  That is where this program is right now. 
  • Michigan has walk-on's all over the place due to injuries 
    • No OT's
    • No DE's
    • Help wanted ad for LB's
  • Still little to no pass rush
  • So he was the 3rd team QB?
  • Done Brown's access badge should be turned off today 
    • 381 passing yards to Rutgers QB 
    • 105 yards on the ground 
    • QB scrambles kept Rutgers in the game
  • Nordin, make a damn field goal.  0-3 really?  I know 1 was a bad snap. 
  • Love Haskins
  • Hunter Reynolds seems to be a pretty good safety 
  • Chris Evans needs to be a slot WR, get him on the field! 
  • I thought Michigan was trying to lose the game on purpose in the first OT
  • I was really worried this would be the Joe Milton we would see.  We have to stop listening to any practice or camp buzz. 
  • After 2 days where I thought they should fire all the Big Ten officials, I thought the Michigan game was called well. 
  • Dwumfour either dominated or disappeared.  Would rather he be doing that in a Maize and Blue jersey. 
  • I'm starting to think DMC was the 1st string QB and something happened between him and Harbaugh.  There is a rumor about him not feeling well and Harbaugh pushing him to practice, that rubbed the family the wrong way.  
  • Michigan is 2-3 going into the Big Ten Missed Expectation Bowl against PSU next weekend. 


Ron said...

Yes there had to be something between McCaffrey and the program for him to leave I think he was the starting quarterback

Chowman said...

Is it just me, or is the number of walk ons in our 2 deep a condemnation of our recruiting? I mean my God, we have factions of this fan base that all they do is gloat about our top 10 recruiting classes, yet we got guys like Andrew Vastardis, Hunter Reynolds, Adam Shibley, and Jess Speight out on the field. How good is our recruiting really if these guys are beating out supposed 4 star recruits? You mean they didn't have a plan to replace Cesar Ruiz? Think he was going to stay all 4 years? And I thought LB was such a strong position group? Don't get me started on DT, that's been a cluster for years now. And safety? we've been taking safeties for past several cycles, and yeah Dax Hill is a player, but Hunter Reynolds is Brad Hawkins back up? And sorry, call me a hater, Hawkins sucks. Never been impressed with him, but I know, he's a Done Brown guy.

Voice of Reason said...

It seems as though Michigan found their QB in Cade McNamara. I hope that Joe Milton will continue to keep competing and improving trying to get back on the field.

Many of the experts after sharing their statistics and mentioned the obvious about how badly Michigan has been playing, they mentioned the caveat that Michigan's team have many inexperienced and limited players starting. That makes a big difference in what you are seeing on the field now. Experience vs's Inexperience wins almost every time. In fact when we look at the list of this seasons teams with returning productivity we see that the number one team in the nation is Northwestern University (NW). They've just beaten a very good Wisconsin team. A very experienced ladened Indiana team almost beat osu. Even this current Rutgers team has a very high percentage of Juniors and Seniors (and key transfers) on their team. That explains why Rutgers plays well and can take a limited and inexperienced ladened Michigan football team to triple overtime.

A big part of being able to fix a problem is to be able to accurately diagnose or assess a problem. Yes, coaching and preparation can also be identified here, but the only thing you can do now for a young team is to develop your young players this season so that they can better compete next season. IMHO!!!

Chowman said...

Blogger Unknown said...
Yes there had to be something between McCaffrey and the program for him to leave I think he was the starting quarterback

You know I think some guys are just practice players, but when they get in the game, bright lights, big moments it just is too much for them. JM might be one of those guys. In practice he might look Pat Mahommes or Cam Newton, but out on the field he looks like a deer in the headlights. Like the game is moving at the speed of light. Who knows, made Cade McNamara flames out, maybe he does an O'Korn and throws 4 picks against PSU next weekend. But for 2 1/2 quarters last night he looked in control and the team, well offense seemed to rally around him. Hell even the OL seem to block better. That Defense, or as somebody quipped last night, that efense, cause we have NO D is attrocious.

szanreno said...

Voice and reason hit the nail right on the head with Northwestern. I heard the coach say one time that he wanted guys that were going to stay four years. He knew he couldn't compete with the bigger schools and get top 10 classes so he went for the guys that wanted to stay. By year three or four they're pretty good players and can compete. I thought his philosophy was interesting.

Rudy said...

Agree Chowman, maybe JM gets it done when there's no pressure but is a whole different product when the lights are on. Add to the fact, he practices against this putrid defense every day! Terry Bradshaw could limp his old arse onto the field and get great numbers on this Efense. Brown uses the term "dudes" for players that are just getting after it. Haven't seen a Dude yet this season. Where have you gone Chase Winovich, our fanbase turns it's lonely eyes to you!

Chowman said... I didn't even think about our D. It is pretty