Monday, November 2, 2020

Michigan Monday: Just Doesn't Understand

A reader on Mgoblog asked, why hasn't it worked with Harbaugh at Michigan?  That is a fair and unfair question.  One it hasn't brought Championships, but it's much better then what Hoke left him.  Two, its not over yet, but its clearly not working either. 

The loss on Saturday was maybe one of the worst in Harbaugh's time in Ann Arbor.   MSU's bus from East Lansing was literally dragging a dumpster on fire as it pulled into the Big House.   How did the Wolverines welcome the Spartans squad full of 2 stars and transfers?  By not showing up, not playing zone, not pressuring the QB, and completely laying down for their instate rival they completely overlooked.  Why else do you have a RB trying to throw a pass?

Here are the lists of things I just don't understand:

  • Why Michigan's best CB and DT are playing for other Big Ten teams? St.Juste would be Michigan's top CB and Dwumfour is killing it with Rutgers.  
  • Don Brown has known for months that Michigan's CB are a problem and didn't do shit about it.   Where is the fucking zone Don?  
  • We are now starting to hear a rumor about Bob Shoop former DC who runs a strong zone and was hired as Safety coach might not have been with the team for a month after some type of disagreement with another coach.  
  • The Big Ten killed two of their top 3 brands with this late season as Penn State and Michigan are reeling due to poor play and their top players opting out.   OSU didn't lose anyone as they will cake walk to the playoffs. BTW:  That team needs a salary cap.  
  • Why is there a walk-on playing LB?
  • What happened to the punting game?  All we have seen are shanks and a block. 
  • Michigan PI penalties were the difference in the game.  Those kept so many MSU drives going and were not called on MSU defenders.  
  • Throw the ball downfield!!  Try to win the fucking game.  
I am done with Don Brown, his stats and pressure doesn't match on the field success.   I believe the loss on Saturday should cost someone their job.  I think it should be Don Brown, his defense was horrible all day and just let a below average QB pick them apart. 

Let's go back to the first question about Harbaugh.  Has the college game passed him bye?  It was a different game when he was at Stanford.  Same can be said of Don Brown.  His top defenses hasn't ever won shit. Yes, I know he is a grandfather figure and a nice guy, but he has had some unbelievable talent that he hasn't done anything with.    

I'm not forgetting the offense on Saturday, but I'm not putting this on a kid who made his second start.  The offense line took a huge step back and the WR's where dropping balls all over the field.   The RB's where not great either.  

I don't understand how any of this happens, I also don't know anyone that can fix it.   But I sure as hell would start with a new DC that can run a zone. 


Tim said...

Thanks for thoughts and run down Bob.
So many questions and thoughts...I share many of the same questions that you posed.

I totally agree that Don B. should be given walking papers and I realize Milton started his second game, but I thought our offense was equally as bad - or worse - thank our defense. I understand Milton doesn't want to get hurt, but if you are 240 pounds and the play is for your to! Milton didn't look good. He seemed to have happy feet in pocket, didn't go through progressions well and ran at 60%.

Play calling was odd, to say the least. The players didn't seem to be playing with intensity and there didn't seem to be a plan on O or D other than cross fingers and hope for the best.

Again, I am not discounting Brown and the D. They were embarrassed. I was at the Appy State game years ago and this loss feels like that one. So many issues that should be on Harbaugh. The O and D both looked bad, that is on the the HC. Players looked out of it, again on the HC.

I have been - overall - a supporter of Harbaugh, but I don't think he survives this. How can he? Year 6 and we still don't have an offensive identity, our defense can be figured out by the average teenager and it is routine for players to transfer and be solid contributors at other DI programs....Harbaugh has national name recognition and says the right things in front of the camera...but I don't see how he survive this season. Especially because there is a very good chance we end up 4-4 and 4th in the B10 East...ugh...

Rudy said...

Inexcusable loss. But, have to move on. I'm eager to see the character of this team when they roll in to Indiana. Players bragged how this team is different than before, more "all in" as a team. Well, now we'll see. Also have games against WI and Pedophile State so plenty of opportunity to see. Saban said it and since he is college God now it matters; today's teams need offense more than defense. Have to be able to score often and at will. His teams do. Bama defenses send a plethora of dudes to the NFL yet their stats in the SEC are not as admirable as UM's in the B10. Have to score. UM punted 8 times Saturday! You ain't winning punting 8 freaking times!

Still Blue in Tn said...

Jim Harbaugh says stupid things to the media. He wants to show he has superior intelligence over anyone that is questioning him and he shows his ignorance and pisses evertbody off over and over. His teams are never prepared. He never has a backup quarterback that is ready to go in to a game. They always look dazed and confused. Milton only had around 11 pass attempts last year. Not much preparation for a quarterback that is going to be given the starting job. Hoke left almost two deep at every position. He had some players like Pipken that ended up being medically retired, but he left Harbaugh with enough talent to field a team capable of winning. Much better talent level than when skidmark rodgiguez left the program. When harbaugh took over the program he was too busy signing 3 star players out of his mini camps just to piss off the world instead of concentrating on his team. Why does Michigan still wear those ugly ass white pants on the road? Looks like they should be in the stands selling ice cream.

Thom said...

I agree with all the above comments. Don't expect things to change until a new regime takes over and heads start rolling, if ever. Same story every year. Big build up before the year starts, then complete failure. This is today's Michigan football as we know it and it is not going to get any better. But as we have heard year in and year out.....wait till next year.

Someone said Michigan could be 4-4 this year. That is a hope and prayer
at this point in time.

Unknown said...

Rudy, why be nasty to Penn State. Michigan has it's own abuse problem.

Rudy said...

Unknown...the fact you'd even ask that question means you haven't researched the whole story of what went down at Pedophile State. Watch Happy Valley, the documentary. That was a whole different level of abuse, duplicity, and cover up. That program should have been burned to embers and instead got a slap on the hand. Naw man, you can't even put those monsters in the same category as the nasty doc that enjoyed giving rectal exams.

szanreno said...

Tim I appreciate your comments on the App State game. I was at that game too but this one doesn't hurt as much for me because Michigan played poorly throughout, it really wasn't much of a contest regardless of score. Halfway through the second quarter I knew they weren't going to win and I was resigned to that. The App State game Carr gave away by holding Hart out for most of the contest. Never asking App for the game films which they said they had ready to go. Some of the Michigan defensive players said they didn't even know they were a spread team until they hit the field. Even then I felt Michigan was going to pull it out, and they almost did. Regardless of what division, App State was a damn good football team. This MSU team is not a good football team. It is a pieced together football team. I give them credit for what they did. We are not a good team based on that performance. When you believe you're not good, losses are more easily understood.

Tim said...

Szanreno - thanks for the note. I didn't realize all that regarding Appy state and the tapes. And, yes, they were a good football team.

I appreciate you pointing out the differences in games. Well done.

When I said it feels the same - I meant that it feels like the outcome related to MI football will be the same, regime change.

szanreno said...

Gotcha Tim. I believe you may be correct. Good luck to the kids and God's Speed.