Monday, November 9, 2020

Michigan Monday: Time For Tom To Call His Brother Joe

I liked Lloyd Carr but thought the game had passed him by.  I was excited for Rich Rod until we found out he was an emotional rollercoaster and couldn't recruit.   I wasn't a fan of the Brady Hoke hire because I thought he wasn't ready for this job and he wasn't.   I was all in on the Harbaugh hire and have supported him, until now.  

Jim, Don, and Josh had this team from August to the End of October.  Practicing 20 hours a week, when there were no games insight.   They knew the talent this team had or didn't have.   We also have to be fair, its hard to compete in the Big Ten with the players you have, its near impossible to compete when your fighting injuries, COVID, and your best players opting out of the season.   With that said, the state of Michigan Football is unacceptable and changes need to be made.   

In golf, they used to call this time of year the "silly season".   Players wouldn't practice that much and show up to events to have fun with their friends and try to win a few dollars.   This is what this Big Ten season is feeling like for Michigan.   

I try not to believe that people are dumb or just don't understand things.   The money U of M has invested in salary for Jim Harbaugh, Josh Gattis, and Done Brown is just ridiculous, its hard for me to believe their trained eyes don't see what we see. 

So we have to start making some assumptions:

  • Done Brown thought he could turn a bunch of slow CB's into fast ones.   
  • Done Brown is so against running a zone, he didn't prepare to run one in the off season
  • Done Brown is so set it his ways, its almost comical how easy it is to prepare to play against his defense. 
  • Jim is so focused on the offense, he can't see how Done Brown is failing this program. 
I'm actually going to give Coach Gattis a pass here.  I think Joe Milton has a ton of potential and he just has a ton of youth everywhere on offense.  I don't like how he wastes 1st and 2nd down with running plays, but I think the future could be very bright with Michigan's offense.   I think the TE's need to learn how to catch and his offense line play better.   

So now what?
  1. Michigan has to extend or fire Harbaugh.   He can't be a lame duck head coach with a year left on his contract.  
    • Who would you get to replace him?  Joe Brady is 31 and will continue to be a red hot candidate in the NFL and in College.  I don't see a ton of other options here. 
  2. Michigan's defense coaching staff is a mess.   
    • Done Brown has to go - Been a disaster. 
    • Bob Shoop is not with the program and doing something from home
    • Shaun Nua has been a disappointment in development and recruiting 
    • Mike Zordich has been with Jimmy since he got to Michigan, time to move on
    • Brian Jean-Mary has shown to be a great recruiter, keep and promote him.  
  3. I have zero faith in Warde hiring a great head coach.  
Jimmy thinks they are close. 

My question is, close to what?
  • the edge of the cliff 
  • touching fireworks that haven't gone off 
  • chumming for sharks with your arm in the ocean 
  • the opening of an airplane in flight with a defective parachute 
  • the Titanic in icy waters 
  • driving an Indy race car blind folded

Tom Brady might want to wait a couple days after that beating he took last night.  I'm sure a call to Joe on Wednesday or Thursday is fine.  


Coach Anderson said...

We need to get Urban Myers. If we want a elite program you need a elite coach! He has three National Championships and is available. People say he would not come to Michigan, but for enough money he would. Pluss he left osu on bad terms.

Ron said...

First of all Urban Meyer isn't coming here and we don't want him... yes what you said about Josh Gattis is right he deserves to stay it's not his fault he deserves a pass he has a very young quarterback but he's proven that he can recruit given time I think his offense will work. On defense Don Brown must go but the other defensive coaches I think deserve another chance under a different defensive coordinator with a different scheme

Tim said...

I agree with thoughts. I was high on RR until we realized he couldn't compete in the B10. Hoke was a head scratching hire and then I was all in with Harbaugh...but it has not worked out.

Totally my opinion and my guess...but I think the next week or two we will see how Jimmy is leaning. If he fires some coaches and shuffles things around it tells me he will try to stay and work things out. If he keeps status quo next couple weeks it tells me he knows he is gone and will ride it out until season is over and he walks away. Again, my opinion.

I disagree a bit with Gattis. I think he is below average and in way over his skiis. Brown needs to go and it appears he cannot adjust to good teams. In my opinion Brown is an old has-been, but if he would want another DC job some smaller schools would take him. Gattis - on the other hand - (my opinion) is a never-was. He looks inept at play calling. Yes, he is young and can recruit. I think he needs to start over somewhere as a QB or WR coach...but he needs to work under someone else and learn how to call plays. If he leaves MI I don't see him going anywhere as an OC.

Unknown said...

Bob please don’t leave coach Ed Warinner off the list as well. He has under performed as well developing the offensive line. We can’t keep saying coach Hoke didn’t leave much behind. That was 6 years ago!

Urban already has said he isn’t coming to Michigan and turned the USC job down as well. We need our coaches to develop the talent that we have. Coach H had plenty of years to bring his “own” players into the program. Time to put up or shut up.

Goblu said...

So Bucknut Man has changed his name to Coach Anderson... Ha.

Think biggest mistake on offense front was the desire for immediate wins with Shae. Think we would have been better with Dylan developing by experience. Our lack of cohesion on offense is, in my view, a mistake of trying to win now vs develop talent.

I'm sad to say, but think Jim prob has lost the team. They looked like they couldn't care less. I don't know who is a replacement - of course Ubran isn't coming, and neither is Lincoln. So, that means we need to find a young gun who can rebuild, give the keys to Gattis (which might be fine), or who knows.

szanreno said...

Holy crap I was thinking the same thing... Only thing he forgot was Blue for Life.
I thought we were all high on Ed Warriner?!? Where are all those PJ Fleck cheerleaders. Deep down I don't see JH getting fired. He'd have to resign, let's him save face. Of course we may be getting ahead of ourselves here, and as said before who else is out there?? Might be best to treat the rest of the season like scrimmages?!? Hell I don't know.

Tim said...

Good points Szanreno.

Who is out there? We tried the popular up and comer in RR (I believe Bama actually tried first, but he turned them down and they "settled" on Saban). Point being, most thought this was a great hire. This was not a stretch...but RR fizzled quickly.

Hoke was a Michigan Man, but a weak HC.

Harbaugh was a Michigan Man and many thought would lead MI to many championships.

Now what? A coordinator scares me because they haven't been the guy and done that. Being a Michigan Man doesn't hold water any more. Who knows?

To be honest...after the last several years of being pretty good but not great with Carr, tough years with RR, dumpster fire with Hoke and now weak again with Harbaugh I am gun shy of so many coaches.

Ohio State seems to hit a home run with so many coaches, Wiscy just seems to make it work. Why can't Michigan find one guy that can at least compete with the big boys year over year?

SecondChance said...

I don't think the AD will fire Harbaugh after this season, even if he goes 2-6. So either Harbaugh will get an extension, or leave on his own for a possible NFL job, and the NFL might not be interested at this point.