Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Michigan Football National Signing Day Tracker

Updated Expectations:

  • Q. Somerville has flipped from Michigan to UCLA today 
  • B. Jennings has flipped to Maryland today - Jennings has been committed to FSU, Michigan, and now signs with Mike Locksley at Maryland.  
  • Z. Worthy is also a strong candidate to flip to Alabama 
  • Jaden McBurrows might sign with Miami - (won't sign until 8:00 PM)
  • Rooks seems to leaning to Penn State now (not signing today)
  • CB O. Cooper is sticking with FSU (M staff was trying to flip)

Waiting on:
  • Donovan Edwards is BLUE! 
  • Xavier Worthy is Blue AGAIN!
  • Ja'Den McBurrows is also Blue 
  • Jaydon Hood, surprised us all and signed with Michigan 

LOI's in!
  1. Dominick Guidice, DL
  2. Louis Hansen, TE  
  3. Tristan Bounds, OL 
  4. Giovanni El-Hadi, OL 
  5. Greg Crippen, OL
  6. TJ Guy, DL
  7. Raheem Anderson, OL
  8. Tommy Doman, P/K
  9. Rod Moore, DB 
  10. JJ McCarthy, QB (1st 5 Star QB in 14 years)
  11. Junior Colson, LB 
  12. Tyler McLaurin, LB 
  13. Kechaun Bennett, DL 
  14. Andrel Anthony, WR
  15. Christian Dixon, WR
  16. Tavieer Dunlap, RB 
  17. Xavier Worthy, WR 
  18. Donovan Edwards, RB
  19. Ja'Den McBurrows, CB
  20. Jaydon Hood, LB
Recap coming tomorrow! 


If McBurrows signs with Miami, Michigan doesn't have any CB's in this class. Somerville is a big loss as he was expected to grow into a DT.  Somerville was also very close with Coach Nua and a clear sign his days at Michigan might be over.  

Coach Nua seems to be struggling with recruiting, which was one of the reasons he was brought to Ann Arbor.   Rayshaun Benny is not expected to sign with MSU today and maybe he can get him into this class.  Michigan will really have some holes at DE, CB, and DT if some of these guys flip to other schools.  

There is also a theory floating around that the offensive coaches will be retained but the defense side of the ball won't be and the recruits have been told that.  I would agree that is a highly likely outcome. 

The Iowa game was cancelled on Tuesday afternoon.  My suspicion is that was always the plan and the Big Ten knew it.   


EzmoB said...

JJ is in.

Chowman said...

No tweets = no 2021 season @ UoM for you

EzmoB said...

Sucks we lost 2 defensive recruits. Edward’s was a good get and we kept worthy.

Goblu said...

We got Worthy!

Voice of Reason said...


Thanks for the work that you put in to cover National Signing Day. IMHO!!!

Unknown said...

Harbaugh has his head up his ass if he keeps Gattis. The major issues started when he “handed over the keys” to this newbie! Go back to pro style smash mouth football. We were closest to greatness with fullback, halfback, tight end etc. Michigan is not spread football, it just doesn’t work here!

High Sierra Howard said...

McBurrows and Hood signed.