Friday, January 15, 2021

Michigan Friday: Heads To The Barn

Michigan Basketball will hit the road this weekend for a 2:00 EST tip (ESPN2) at the Barn against Minnesota on Saturday.  This will be the second match-up between the teams in 10 days as the Wolverines won the first match-up 82-57.   The Golden Gophers won't be surprised by the Wolverines this time and a close game is to be expected.  

  • In a strange development, Donovan Edwards will play in his high school football playoff game this weekend, even though he is enrolled at Michigan.  This is allowed by Michigan High School rules.  I wonder if Mike Hart is able to watch his game live?

  • Seems Joe Milton had surgery on his thumb, so maybe he wasn't has healthy as we thought last season. 

  • Urban Meyer is finally out of our life.  He left OSU but continued to give his thoughts on Michigan through his job at Fox.  Now he is back in Northern Florida and coaching the London Jaguars until he retires for the 3rd time.   Ryan Day for OC?

  • NY Jets who many thought might be in play for Jimmy, hired 49'ers Robert Saleh who many wanted for the Lions job. 

  • Don Brown did his first presser at Arizona and talked about what went wrong last year.  Its was all the regular things you might expect: no spring practice, COVID, Opt Outs, and no depth.  He failed to mention that everyone has the playbook on how to beat his predictable defense. 

  • I want the Ravens and John Harbaugh to be successful this weekend, but I also want Michigan to finish hiring their DC and DB's coach.   There is too much going on in the transfer portal and with 2022 recruits. 

  • Chris Evans got a Senior Bowl invite.  


Rudy said...

Urban is the dude in the bar looking to hook up with all the ladies but you know he's going to dump them once he gets his. The man knows football, can't question that, but he's got the integrity and character of a gnat. I don't wish him ill will, just wish him karma and let it take care of the bad juju.

szanreno said...

Wow, that sums it up perfectly. Not a crack of light could put a dent in that description. I know his assistant coaches at Florida were glad to see him go and stop hitting in their wives, as the story goes.

Unknown said...

Joe Miltons thumb was not the issue. A bad thumb doesn't keep you from looking off receivers and reading the D! Milton is a terrible QB. Bring on Mac and Mac!