Thursday, January 14, 2021

Michigan Thursday: This Team Needs More Hart

The Spun

Somethings just make sense.  Juwan Howard to Michigan, Tom Brady to the Hall of Fame, and Bo having 200 of the best players in the country to pick from every Saturday.   Mike Hart coaching Michigan's RB's is a no brainer that Michigan fans have wanted for many years.  

We know about his playing career so lets jump to his credentials as a football coach:

2011 - Quality Control Coach EMU

2012-13 - RB Coach at EMU

2014-15 - RB Coach at WMU

2016 - RB Coach at Syracuse 

2017-2020 - RB Coach at Indiana 

We have all followed his coaching career but we really didn't know how good a coach he was until, IU handed Michigan a loss this past season and Stevie Scott ran for nearly a 100 yards on the Wolverines defense.  Mike has shown to be a very good RB coach and recruiter.   He now has a RB room full of some of the best talent in the country.     This wasn't a good hire it was a great one.  

Welcome home Mike!

  • The discussion between the Jags and Urban Meyer seem to be heating up and we might hear something today or Friday.  We all know Urban is a bit unpredictable, so we will see.   Might be nice for him to pay players, without it being considered cheating. 

  • There was also rumors about the Eagles wanting Ryan Day, I don't believe those to be accurate reports.  

  • Joe Milton showed a photo on IG with a cast on his right hand.  

  • Caris LeVert was traded from the Nets in the Harden deal yesterday.  He seems to now be headed to Indiana.  

  • Another name to keep an eye on for the DB coach at Michigan is Jessie Minter the Ravens DB coach.   The new role whoever gets the job is expected to coach both the CB's and safeties.  

  • 2022 5 Star DB Domani Jackson will announce his choice a week from Saturday.   He and his father are Michigan fans and he wore a bunch of Michigan Jordan gear at an event in Dallas last weekend.   The issue is Michigan doesn't have a DC or a DB coach and currently has zero crystal balls.  Which is 64% to Ohio State and 36% to USC.  


Rudy said...

Great to welcome Big Brother Hart back to the squad!! Not only brings a great skillset but bring the grit these dudes need to adopt and learn from. If UM could nail down Jackson and Johnson, they'd have two potential 1st round draft picks roaming the outfield. But, UM doesn't even have a CB coach right now with this big decision looming. Who is Meyer and Day? Oh those, boneheads from down south where integrity goes to die? Screw them. BTW...great game Suckeyes! Screw you too.

szanreno said...

I'm going to hold off on the welcoming parade on Mike as I've seen this type hoopla before. Running back coaches are only as good as the offensive line and the play calling. I'm pretty sure Ed can put a good line together but we'll see if the play calling changes. That running back by committee has got to go as mentioned in the blog a couple of days ago. Mike was a terrific runner when he was at Michigan but let's see if he holds true to his coaching accolades. Good luck to him for sure!!!