Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Like a Good Bottle of Wine, Gone To Fast


It's hard to know what really is going on inside Schembechler Hall and why things turn out the way they do.   Michigan for example has some weird problem turning highly ranked RB's into college football stars.  The lower ranked guys seems to perform better then the 5 stars, Michigan's new RB coach is a clear example and so is Haskins on the current roster (who was originally going to be a LB at Michigan). 

This situation is why it isn't surprising that Zach Charbonnet is leaving Ann Arbor and in the transfer portal.  Michigan fans fell in love with the talented RB last year has he ran for over 700 yards and scored 11 TD's as a freshman.  He was known has a hard worker in the weight room and great teammate.  

Then the shorten 2020 season happened.  He started off with a bang with a long run against Minnesota and then we never saw him again.   Was it the too crowded RB room?  Was it an injury? Was it something else?  As he only had 19 rushes for 124 yards for the entire year.   With that lack of production and Donovan Edwards coming in, it was a given he was going to jump into the portal and look for another school.  

If I had to guess, he is probably going back home to UCLA or USC.  I wish him nothing but the best and hope he gets a 1000 yards next season in the PAC 12. 

  • Speaking of Michigan's crowded RB room: Christian Turner is transferring to Wake Forest.

  • If those two items didn't ruin your Monday, maybe this bit of news will:  Zavier "Flash" Worthy is not enrolling early.   There seems to be an issue with his paperwork.   The internet does not believe its a grade issue.  He is still expected to enroll this summer. 

  • More good news?  OSU WR Chris Olave will be coming back to Columbus next season as there is a crowded WR Draft class. 

  • Tennessee has fired Jeremy Pruitt for breaking NCAA Rules Violations.  Seems are old friend Eric Gray was part of some illegal activity.  Also Aubrey Solomon says Hi.   Seems Pruitt's learned activity at Alabama didn't translate to UT, as he broke the first rule of Fight Club. 

  • There are reports that Michigan is hiring George Helow as its new Safeties coach.  If this is confirmed, we will go deeper into his background later this week. 

  • Michigan will not be adding Jesse Minter from the Ravens (will be Vandy's new DC) and Christian Robinson who is staying at Florida with a new role and a jump in pay. 


Rudy said...

damn, this is like a soap opera with the daily coaching updates. Gotta think most of the uncertainty is due to Jimmy screwing around with his contract so long and putting out the vibe that he is really a short-term coach. Sadly, UM stood to pick up the two best DBs in the 2022 class but doubtful now that again there's so much uncertainty and drama. Jimmy will be gone next year. WARD GOTTA GO TOO! Give him a box of Snickers as his buyout and he'll be happy. Dude is not cut out to be a big-time AD. Maybe try Farris State or SVST. Idiot.

MichiganMan said...

Well said Rudy...well said buddy

MichiganMan said...

How about we bring back down Brown...lot of the people think he is a great dc

Goose said...

Luiji Vilian in the portal!😳

Unknown said...

Love the changes Harbaugh has made so far! This team will turn around quite nicely in the fall. Just keep expectations realistic and people will be fine. This is an 8-4 9-3 team and nowhere near a B1G Championship team. It was time for DB to go. The whole conference figured out his defense and it showed this year. A few additions from the portal and this team will be fine.