Thursday, March 11, 2021

Michigan Thursday: The Injury Book of Eli

Michigan Daily

The big question right now has two parts:

Is Eli heathy enough to play on Friday?

If, yes.  Should he?

If you haven't followed this team closely you might not know the extent of the loss of Eli Brooks is on this team.   Eli is great defender and a guy that moves the ball on offense.   He also can shoot the 3 and pile points when needed.   Assistant coach and college basketball legend, Phil Martelli said that Brooks is this years team MVP. 

If he is 100% healthy, he will be a go.  After what we saw on Sunday, there is a high probability he won't be.   Which is a tough decision for the Juwan.  Do you play him and try to get through hopefully 3 games or do you rest him so he is closer to 100% for the NCAA?

My vote is to rest him.  Let the Illinois fan base yell all they want and most likely win the Big Ten Championship Tournament trophy.    Be healthy for the NCAA run.   These tournaments are fun but really for teams that are on the bubble.  

  • Is Michigan going to play MSU 3 times in a row?  MSU and Maryland play today to see who plays the Wolverines.   Maryland won in a blow out.  
  • Former PSU LB and Michigan instate high school LB, Lance Dixon who was rumored to be heading to A2, is now transferring to WVU. 
  • Livers is 13 points away from 1000 points in his career. 
  • Matt Weiss is going to make $1.2M over 2 years for coaching Michigan's QB's.
  • Kansas has now fired its AD Jeff Long

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Rudy said...

good to see Sparty lose, even better to see them suffer. I think that Dixon fellow can't make UM academic standards. WV simply requires fogging a mirror so he'll be aight there. Go Blue!