Friday, April 9, 2021

Michigan Friday: Daelin Hayes Should Do Stand-up

Hayes is a former DE from ND that is preparing for the NFL Draft.  He played his HS Football at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s.  He was recently quoted as saying, "The best players in Michigan go to Norte Dame".   Which is laugh out loud funny.    If Daelin doesn't make it in the NFL, he will be welcome at the Laugh Factory or the Funny Bone anytime he likes. 

  • Speaking of funny:  At the Masters yesterday, while hitting an approach shot out out the trees,  Rory Milroy hit his father with his shot in the butt.   Jalen's brother Justin Rose is leading after the 1st round. 😀
  • Giles Jackson might not be done playing in the Big House as the rumor is he is heading to Washington, which is Michigan's week 2 opponent next season.
  • Franz is still considered a lottery pick after his poor performance against UCLA.   I expect he will announce his decision that he is going to the NBA soon. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Masters! 

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