Monday, April 12, 2021

Michigan Monday: Spring Game Stuff, 1 Baller Comes Back - 1 Leaves, and The Masters

So lets get to the most important stuff first since this is a Basketball School now.  Chaundee Brown has elected to go to the NBA (and hire an agent) and Eli Brooks is staying for a 5th year due to the COVID rule.  

Happy for Chaundee and was hoping he would give Ann Arbor one more year.  He came to accomplish a championship and make a name for himself.   Its not un-heard of for a 6th man to make a big splash in the NBA (See Duncan Robinson) and Brown is an elite defender.  If he continues to hit the 3, he is going to have a spot on a roster.   

I'm also excited for Eli to come back.  You could argue that he was Michigan's most important player all year long.  Having his experience at either guard positions is going to give the young guys a great example and room to grow.  

There isn't a ton out there about the Spring Game, but here are a few things I heard: 

  • Fans like the Blue on Blue uniforms (it was on twitter) 
  • Cade is very much in command of the offense and JJ is still learning 
  • RB's are really good, Haskins and Corum stood out 
  • Hard to read the OL as they were spread between 2 teams 
  • WR's had a bit of an under preforming day 
  • LB's are very deep and talented
  • Dax of course is the best player on D and maybe on the field
I like that the Spring Practice buzz is a minimum this year and lets hope they fix the defense and find some type of offense to run.  I willing to bet, Michigan is going to run and run heavy offense this year. 

Watched a ton of Masters over the weekend, was hoping for a fun Sunday afternoon but it was a bit boring as Matsuyama played consistently all day.  It did get interesting on 15 and 16 but Zander hit it into the drink on 16.   If he makes Par on 16, there could have been a playoff.   Matsuyama played very well between 2-14 and deserved the green jacket after a great back nine on Saturday.

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