Thursday, April 15, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Eli Stays and Matt Leaves

Update: Livers says good bye and Worthy asks out of his NLI.  He also mentions things out of his control, which could point to more admissions issues.  We know there was some in January regarding him enrolling early.  


I thought it was going to be a quiet Wednesday.  I was wrong. 

- We knew Eli was coming back and he made it official on Wednesday.   I expect we will hear from Franz and Isaiah soon. 

-Austin Davis has played his last game as a Wolverine and won't be back for his 20th season.  😅

-Recruiting coordinator Matt Dudek has resigned.  This is not seen as a loss as Michigan fans specially did not care for Matt at all.   There was a ton of "chatter" that his program was not run well and was making a number of mistakes.   Matt is expected to leave for Mississippi State and former Wolverine Courtney Morgan has already accepted the role to be Matt's replacement.   Courtney comes from UCLA and many are calling this a home run hire.  

-As The Worthy Turns -it continues to look like that Xavier Worthy won't be in Ann Arbor this summer or fall.   Having admission issues and the loss of Giles Jackson is impacting his decision and he might ask out of his NLI.  It also doesn't help that Sark is in Texas now and almost got him to Bama. 

-Phillip Paea is leaving Michigan as a grad transfer and is in the portal.  Phil has struggled to see the field on the OL and DL his entire time at Michigan and is buried on the depth chart.  I hope he finds a place he can play. 

-The Harbaugh rule - One thing Jimmy doesn't get credit for is his ideas that have changed the NCAA for the better.   The latest is the 1 transfer rule without penalty that was just passed by the NCAA and will go into effect this Fall.   

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Worthy is not coming and that sucks!!