Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: JJ, Cade, or Alan?

A good college QB can hide a ton of issues for any program and lets face it the Wolverines had more issues then positives last season.   I love the changes Jimmy made in his staff but as we know, those changes take years to implement.  

So how can Michigan's QB drive the wins the fans are expecting?

JJ: If I could read Jimmy's mind, he would be thinking he really wanted JJ to take the QB reigns and lead this team.   After Spring Ball,  he now might be thinking JJ needs a year on the bench to watch before he is ready to play. 

Cade: Was the guy that saved the embarrassment of a Rutgers loss.  He seems like the ultimate competitor and the clear starter at this point after 3 years in the program.   I think Cade is a nice option but is he guy? 

Alan Bowman: Is the wild card here and the QB with the most experience.  He has thrown for over 5000 yards in his career, 33 TD's, and 17 picks.   Is he the Mike Smith and Chaundee Brown of the football team?   We need a guy like Alan to come in, pick up the offense quickly and lead this team.   

If Michigan is going to see success on the field this season, I predict:

QB1: Alan

QB2: Cade 

QB3: JJ Redshirt with some playing time 

It's a real shame that Michigan's depth at QB has been lost to poor play and the transfer portal.  Joe Milton has yet to find a home after entering the portal in February and Dylan McCaffrey is playing for his father at Northern Colorado.   The guy we didn't see enough of was Dylan.  

I think JJ is the future for sure, just not the immediate future.  The risk is, Alan isn't even on campus yet and the coaches really don't know what they have or don't have yet.  

  • A horrific tragedy for former Michigan volleyball player and daughter of Al Toon, Molly (Toon) Lillard. Thoughts and prayers go out to their families. 

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