Monday, June 21, 2021

Michigan Monday: Michigan Picks Up 2 Commits During Victors Weekend

Harbaugh's program just had its biggest recruiting visit weekend in probably two years.   There was plenty of headliners with 5 and 4 star guys on campus but two guys pulled the trigger on a commitment.   Here is some information on both guys:

-CJ Stokes is a 3 star RB from South Carolina.  He is 5'11 and 190 pounds.   His offer list included the likes of Missouri, Minnesota, Wake, Penn State, Duke, Louisville, South Carolina, and more.   Many expected him to stay home and play for the Gamecocks but CJ had other plans and picked the Wolverines this season.  

-Aaron Alexander is a 3 star LB from Belleville.  This is a very under the radar guy.  Michigan had seen him in camps recently and it seems he is great academically.   This commitment won't shake the recruiting world but I like it.  Taking a guy with a huge upside (at a position of need), that is strong in the classroom, and is an instate prospect.  Seems like a win - win to me.  

These guys won't improve the Wolverines 18th ranked 24/7 team standing but they are needed pieces in a complicated 2022 recruiting puzzle.   Why complicated?

  • Because Michigan's top prospect at QB, Nate Johnson committed to Utah over the weekend.  It seems A2 was a bit too far from California for his taste.  
  • With that news Michigan hosted QB Connor Harrell this weekend as well.  He threw for the Michigan coaches and Jimmy told him "he is their top QB on the board right now". 
  • Some notes from the G-League Elite camp this past weekend:  Devante Jones played well (scored 15) and is trying to get a NBA combine invite.  If he has a chance to get drafted he won't transfer to Ann Arbor.  Hunter and Mike Smith struggled and it seems Hunter should be headed back to Michigan.  Mike maybe going to Europe.   Chaundee played well and scored 12 points and showed his regular hustle.  

I have more on the US Open and the NBA regular season being fools gold.  That will have to wait for later in the week.  


Rudy said...

Very discerning. Two huge recruiting weekends, all the coaches rolling out the red carpet to the top recruits around...and you nail down two 3-star recruits? Hard to be optimistic about this at all.

Cormac said...

>Jimmy told him "he is their top QB on the board right now".

Jimmy should have told him that he is their top QB this week! LOL!