Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Random Thoughts and Frank's in Trouble Again

In news that won't be shocking to any Michigan fan, Frank Clark was arrested in LA on Monday after he was pulled over for a traffic violation and the police spotted what looked to be a "machine gun" under his seats.   Frank was arrested but says that gun is his body guard.   Frank was also arrested in March for a similar crime.    I was hoping he had his life together after the domestic abuse charges that got him kicked off Michigan.   He is a talented guy and I hope he gets his life together. 

In basketball news, Michigan's PG transfer DeVante Jones is waiting to hear if he got a NBA Combine invite.   That invite could be the tipping point if he goes to Ann Arbor or takes a shot at the NBA Draft.  There is only expected to be 4-5 invites from the G-League Elite Camp.  Mike Smith, Hunter, and Chaundee are not expected to receive an invite.  Mike and Hunter played better on day 2.  

In the random thought category, the NBA is a mess right now.  

  • Brooklyn's Big 3 turned out to be the Brooklyn 1.  KD probably gained more respect for how he played in a loss then he ever did in Golden State.  
  • Chris Paul one of the NBA's best stories is still out with COVID. 
  • NBA's Back to Back MVP is struggling from the free throw line and with his outside shot 
  • 76er's $140M+ point guard lost all confidence in his shooting as they lose to Atlanta 
  • LeBron is more concerned this summer about his movie then winning an NBA Championship or Gold Metal. 
The NBA regular season is just a joke right now.  Nobody plays defense and it makes stars out of guys that don't have a complete game.   In positive news, there are two young guys that are becoming super stars in Devin Booker and Trae Young.  They're earning their strips in the post season. 

The NBA must be really concerned about a Phoenix - Milwaukee final.  That match-up won't exactly drive a ton of viewers.   It sounds more like a 10:00 tip on TNT regular season Tuesday night. 

Thoughts on the US Open.  

I love when the US Open or PGA Championship picks a public course to play its championship.   Torrey Pines showed its one of the toughest tracks in the country and if you live in San Diego, you can play it for $30 a round.    The rough was thick, the greens were fast, and the course beat most of the golfers for 4 days.  

It was also interesting to watch Jon Rahm on Sunday and how the Golf God's paid him back for having to withdraw from the Memorial two weeks prior after a commanding 6 stroke lead.   One mistake can cost you that tournament and Louie's drive on 17 did just that.   I love big name leaderboards and great golf and we got a ton of that this past weekend.   The only thing missing was Tiger Woods who ironically has another broken leg.

  • Jake Butt signs with the Bears.  Please be healthy! 
  • Michigan Football is trending for the following recruits after Victors Weekend:  DT Deone Walker,  WR Dillion Bell, S D'Arco Perkins-McCallister, OT Alessandro Lorenzetti,  DE Mario Eugenio, and DL Justice Finkley.  

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