Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Its a New Daylen on Offense

I think ESPN and other networks missed a great opportunity in covering more Spring FCS football action.  I actually think the FCS should stay in the Spring as they don't have to compete with other the big boy programs.  Yes, they will miss out on those big pay days when Alabama schedules them but will have the entire countries eyes in the Spring, if they can work out a TV contract.  

Yes, if there is an FCS draft eligible player, he probably won't suit up for his final year, but there is probably only a handful of guys that would fit that profile most years.   With the new transfer rules the Spring season can also be a great showcase for players to transfer to big time programs.  

Case in point, WR Daylen Baldwin was arguably was the best player in the Spring just turned down an offer from Ohio State to play for his hometown Wolverines.  Daylen was a under recruited  (no stars to 24/7) WR prospect out of Farmington who ended up at Morgan State.   He then transferred to Jackson State to play for Deion Sanders.  In the Spring, he had 25 catches, 540 yards receiving, and 7 TD's.  He is 6'3 and 200 pounds.

In the games that ESPN did cover, Primetime's team got a ton of coverage which helped Daylen get offers from big time programs like Michigan and Ohio State.  Daylen worked out for both programs and both came with offers very quickly.  

Michigan can use another playmaker on offense from the WR position. With the loss of Nico last year, it was clear the Wolverines WR's missed his big plays.  Lets hope Daylen can fill that role and get Michigan some more wins this Fall. He is known to have good hands and the speed to get deep.  

The poor guy will have played 2 seasons Spring and Fall in 2021.   Love the story of a local kid who played for 2 different programs and finally gets the offers he had hoped he would have gotten back in the 2017 recruiting class.   Daylen is expected to be a graduate transfer with two years to play.  (it seems its much easier to transfer to Michigan when your a grad transfer from an admissions stand point) 

  • Luke McCaffrey who transferred from Nebraska to Louisville, has now left there and will play at Rice.   The two QB's in that family have had a strange journey in college football. 

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