Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Mid-Week News and Notes

  • 4 star NC DE Beau Atkinson visited Ann Arbor this past weekend and will announce his decision today at 4:00.   Predictions are coming in that he will be staying home and pick NC.  
  • Gaige Garcia who was a wrestler and maybe a football player is transferring to Lehigh. 
  • This will be one of the biggest visit weekend with the headliner 5-star defensive tackle Walter Nolen.
  • Seems Livers is the only Wolverine that got invited to the NBA Combine.  Wagner most likely declined the invite and the other draft eligible Wolverines got invited to G-League Elite.  Hopefully, this will point a return to A2 for Hunter.  It's still unclear if Livers his healthy enough to play at the Combine. 
  • The Michigan coaches will be at 3 satellite camps today
  • How's it going NBA? 
-Chris Paul just tested for COVID 
-Kyrie has a sprained ankle 
-Kawhi is out with a knee injury 
-Embidd has a knee injury he is playing through 
-Trae Young is playing through a shoulder 
-Harden played on one hamstring last night and scored 5 points 
-KD played one of his best games of his career 
-The back to back MVP is struggling with his shot and free throws 

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