Monday, July 19, 2021

Michigan Monday: Somewhere C Webb is Smiling

Chris Weber didn't want to leave Ann Arbor for the NBA.  He loved college basketball and wanted to play a year or two more.  He said back then to the effect, that everyone on campus was wearing the #4 jersey and he can't afford to go on a date.   That forced him into a couple of decisions, including taking money from a Detroit bookie and heading to the NBA before he wanted to. 

With NIL, things have changed this summer and now 50 football players with their name and number will be paid by the MDen if their jerseys sell.  Do you want to support Hutch or Ross on defense?  Are you a JJ or Edwards fan on offense?   You now can buy his customized jersey through the MDen and the player will get their fair share of the sale.   There is a drop down box on the MDen custom jersey section by position so you can pick your favorite Wolverine.  (not every player is listed)

I'm betting this will be huge for basketball jerseys when those become available.   Well done MDen! 

  • 5 star Safety Keon Sabb picked Clemson over Michigan and every other program in the country on Saturday. 
  • Michigan's Basketball was all together for the 1st time for training this weekend.  Look out for Hunter and Caleb Houstan this season. 


szanreno said...
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szanreno said...

The first shoe has fallen. It should be all or nothing. Nothing ruins a business, a church, a team, etc faster than playing favorites or not treating everyone equally.

Rudy said...

Agree. This $$ game will become a major distraction. Ironically, these new rules seem to benefit teams that play in bigger markets like a UM near Detroit. Yet, Sabb signed with Clemson which has a very small market as does Bama. The recruiting class has certainly gained momentum but still lacks getting the 5-star difference makers that Bama and the Suckeyes get.

Thom said...

C. Webb "can't afford to go on a date. That forced him into a couple of decisions, including taking money from a Detroit bookie" What a dumb statement.
If you believe this, I have a ocean front property in AZ. I would like to sell you.

Thom said...

"5 star Safety Keon Sabb picked Clemson over Michigan"
JH record over the last 6 years...49-22, DS at Clemson over last 6 years...71-24. Clemson is one of the elite programs in the country. Michigan hasn't been an elite program for years.
Until Michigan starts winning, top talent will continue to go elsewhere.

Dave Hamann said...

I totally agree with Thom.Chris Webber went to Detroit Country Day, which I believe is a private school.Did Martin pay for THAT too? It sounds as if you want to EXCUSE what he did because he wasn't getting $10 a jersey. I SAY BS TO THAT!

Dave Hamann said...

It sounds like you want to Excuse what Webber did because he wasn't getting 10 bucks a jersey. THAT'S BS !! He went to Detroit Country Day which I believe is private.His parents had $$.He did what he did because of who he is,and Michigan paid dearly for his actions -!

High Sierra Howard said...

Webber took hundreds of thousands of dollars because he couldn't afford to go on a date? I'm pretty sure Webber didn't have to take any girls on dates. They were knocking on his door