Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Let's Not Water Down The Big Ten

With Texas and OU making it clear they are leaving the Big 12, the Big Ten now has some decisions to make about the future of our conference.   Which leaves the question:  Who would I want in the Big Ten from the Big 12?

Nobody, the SEC is getting the two best programs and if I'm Kevin Warren I'd pass on the rest of the teams.  There is already some buzz about the following Big 12 teams that would like to start a conversation with Kevin and the Big 10:

Kansas - Great basketball school and maybe the worst D1 football program in the nation.  No, Thanks. 

Iowa State - A built in rivalry with Iowa and very good head coach in Matt Campbell.   That does nothing for the Big Ten or driving views:  Hard Pass.

Oklahoma State - Decent football program with a famous head coach, I'm a Man!  Basketball has also had some good years.   Does OSU fit the Big Ten academic profile?  The answer is no.  This is more of a tier 2 option in my mind.  

Many don't believe the additions of Rutgers and Maryland have been successful at all and I don't see adding any of the above teams worth watering down the league any further.   Does KU and ISU move the needle for BTN viewers?  I guess Kansas brings in KC but ISU does nothing for viewers. 

So who would I like to add?

My choices would be Duke and North Carolina from the ACC.   These schools would fit academically, both have up and coming Football programs, and incredible basketball programs.   They also could bring their built in rivalry to the Big Ten.  Both schools are having their legendary basketball coaches retire (UNC this year - Duke next).   

This is a pipe dream as I don't believe either is looking to leave the ACC and both are more Basketball Schools then football and the ACC is a very Basketball centric conference.   The negative is neither would pull a big TV market but I think the above mentioned "fits" would over-ride the TV market.   For those saying, what about ND?  Let's not go there again, please.

The Big Ten can't settle here and need to only take top tier programs and I don't see any options in the remaining Big 12 programs.   

  • Where in the world is Tate Martell?  Ohio State? Nope - Miami?  Nope - UNLV? Yep!
  • Seems Livers is healthy and ready to get drafted this week.  Fingers crossed
  • Austin Davis has signed a pro contract with a Polish team.  Good luck big man!

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enzo said...

Agree on your Big 12 assessment but It's imperative the big 10 make a move on Duke and North Carolina. The programs fit and more importantly I think it forces ND to make a decision. Without those two it's only a matter of time before the big 10 is scrambling for its life.