Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan Players in the NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is Thursday and Michigan will have a number of eligible players to get drafted.  The Pistons of course have the #1 pick and most likely will take Cade Cunningham out of Oklahoma State. 

What we know for certain is Franz Wagner will go in Round 1 and most likely a Lottery Pick.  NBA Teams like his upside and that he is a strong defender.  He of course can evolve his offense game in the league and will need to improve his 3 point shooting.  The rest of the Wolverines are most likely going to be 2nd round prospects with the hopes of hearing their name called:

Isaiah Livers is expected to go in the 2nd Round, I've seen predictions between pick 47-59.  Reports are he is healthy and doing workouts.   That might help this sharp shooter get drafter sooner rather then later in Round 2.

Chaundee Brown is 2nd Round to a Free Agent prospect.   He has been working out for teams and if they watch his tape, they will love the way he defends on the ball.   An NBA team could draft him to be a defensive stopper off the bench and a guy that can hit an open 3.  I have a feeling someone will take him late in the 2nd.  

Mike Smith is likely a free agent and will have to make some hay in the Summer League.  Mike will have to show his ball skills and hit open jumpers during the summer.   The upside here would be a two-way contract with an NBA team and the G-League.   

Smith and Brown could be diamonds in the rough here.  Nobody will confuse either with an elite NBA prospect but both guys could be valuable bench players if they get a shot at a roster spot! 

Good luck to all the Wolverines and the Pistons on Thursday night! 

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