Monday, August 2, 2021

Michigan Monday: Duncan Robinson Is About To Cash In

Today at 6:00 EST Duncan Robinson will become a restricted free agent.  The reason he is restricted, is because the Heat gave him a qualifying offer this weekend so they have the right to match any offer he might get in the free agent market.   The offer was a low one at below $5M per year and Duncan is expected to get offers more then double that at the 10-12M a year.  (Now hearing it could be up to $20M a year for him)

The rumor mill is spinning that the Lakers and Knicks might have interest in the former Michigan sharp shooter.  The Heat are also trying to do a sign and trade with the Raptors for Kyle Lowery.   Good luck to Duncan and I hope he breaks the bank! 

  • The TX LB Jeremy Patton that was trending to Michigan on Friday, committed to Baylor over the weekend. 
  • Jake Ruddock becomes the latest Wolverine to retire from the NFL in the last week. 

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