Monday, September 13, 2021

Michigan Monday: Game Week Early Look at Northern Illinois

Guess who's back Quarterbacking a team in the Big House? It's Rocky Lombardi the former Michigan State QB, who famously beat Joe Milton and Don Brown last year after an embarrassing week 1 loss.  Isn't it strange that none of the above mentioned players or coaches are with their original teams.    Isn't it ironic, don't you think?  It's like rain on your wedding day, it like free advice that you just don't take...................

Sorry, just watched the Woodstock 99 documentary.  

Rocky is now leading Northern Illinois and will make his return to the Big House on Saturday.  Leading a pretty good Huskies team.  Michigan is playing back to back Huskies, isn't it ironic (nevermind).   These Huskies beat Georgia Tech week 1 and played Wyoming tough in a close loss 50-43 on Saturday night.  Rocky and team scored 33 2nd half points in a comeback bid that fell short after Wyoming scored late. 

In 2 games:

Rocky is 30-53 for 369 yards, 3 TD's and 3 picks

Harrison Waylee is the top RB with 53 carries for 323 yards 

Defense gives up 35.5 points per and 412 yards per 

Michigan is favored by 27 points

  • Giles Jackson got caught on twitter yelling at a fan with an FU Bitch! I'm sure that fan had something to say prior that didn't make the audio but it seems Giles got a bit into his feelings on Saturday night.  
  • I'm concerned about center Vastardis who limped off late in the game.  He has been Michigan's best lineman this season so far.  Hope we hear more today at Jimmy's presser. 
  • Michigan is now #25 in both polls.  
  • Fox, ESPN, and ABC - Your commercial stoppages are killing college football.  Take a lesson from the NFL and limit your commercial stops and have longer stops for quarters and halftime.   Nobody likes the halftime studio shows anyway, add a few more commercials and let the game flow.  I turn the channel anyway.  
  • The big recruiting seemed to have gotten positive reactions from all the guys that attended.  Not sure anyone is ready to flip or commit yet. 


MichiganMan said...

I agree with you Bob...way much ADs....What I like to see in next game is if Michigan is up big...start passing the ball more often to get some flow and continuity from QB to WR.....

Blue for life...

Fire Don Brown from AZ

szanreno said...

I agree with you on the halftime show Bob. Usually I don't watch but this week I did just to see the Ohio State highlights. I wonder if they showed those highlights in Dubai?

enzo said...

I thought I heard in the post game Vastardis had cramps.

Unknown said...

Best thing I ever did was switch to youtube tv. I turnoff my phone when game starts, start watching the game an hour later and skip through all the commercials, its incredible.

szanreno said...

I've heard YouTube TV is the way to go. What else do you like about it? I'll have to look it up online and see what channels you get.