Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Speaks

Jim Harbaugh gave his regular Monday press conference yesterday and here are some of the more interesting responses:

“Yes, unfortunately Ronnie will be out for the season. He has a knee injury. It’s a shame. “Ronnie won our player of the game. He had a phenomenal game. Along with Blake, making the big plays, carrying our offense early in the game. Got the big play on the long pass. Great contested catch and then finishing the run. And then, one of the best catches I’ve ever seen in my life, the one-handed catch. He was able to stay in-bounds. Very clean and tremendous catch. Punt return in which he got injured, unfortunately, he was just having a great game.”

“Defensively, Aidan Hutchinson, Dax Hill. Those two played great. There was some real examples of really good play all across the board on our team, but there were some group examples of guys playing just how you want them to play. Dax, Aidan, Josh Ross. Offensively Ronnie Bell, Blake Corum, Cade McNamara, the tight ends. Andrew Vastardis had a tremendous game, so did Stueber. Caden Kolesar on special teams was our player of the game on special teams. Played the most, played 23 plays. Mike Sainristil was right there, next best on special teams. Guys just setting the example of how to play in a game. Especially for a lot of players who were just playing for the first time, playing in their first game. Tremendous to have on tape — teaching tool.

Washington's Loss?

“I don’t think it’s relevant. You always think the first game is the second-hardest to prepare for, but the second game is even harder. Because both games will go back and work on — they know where they’re at, they go back and work on the things that they need to improve and they will. It’s a race to make those improvements in one week. Got a good idea that Washington has been preparing for us for a long time. It’s an important game for both teams so I think that makes that first game irrelevant. As it most always is, but as they say, especially in this second game scenario.”

Will Kolesar still return punts?

“Possibly. He’s also our best rusher on punts. He’s also our best hold-up guy. Ultimately AJ Henning — when he gets, if he could get really comfortable back there catching the ball, that’s an ideal position for him, as well as receiver. Right now, Caden is the most sure-handed guy, next-best from Ronnie. Problem is if he returns the punts, he’s not rushing, blocking and holding up. So many other places he could play on the punt return. We’ll figure that out as we go.”

  • Michigan wasn't the only team to lose a star player.  Minnesota has lost RB #24 Mo Ibrahim for the year and Washington lost WR Polk for the year as well. 
  • RIP to one of best character actors:  Michael K. Williams, who played the character Omar Little in the TV series "The Wire".


MichiganMan said...

With Ronni or not...we are still a 7-9 win football team....Good luck to him and hope he has a speedy recovery....

Blue for life....

Tim said...

Michigan (Bucky) Man - Glad you home and back in your parents basement and have WiFi again. Too bad when we venture outside our homes there is no way to get on the Internet...hopefully the tech guru's figure that out some day.

I appreciate your kinds words towards Ronnie. That is the first time I remember you said anything positive or kind regarding Michigan's team or a player. Good for you.

Goblu said...

He did couch the kind words around negativity... soo he's still our favorite Bucknut.

Mich not being in top 25 again this week is a good thing (I hope), keep them hungry for Washington.

MichiganMan said...

When I travel outside the states...I am all in business mode can't think about a football team that is stuck in the mud for past 25 years.....there are better things to do out side of the football season....gives me time and opportunity to relax and enjoy life....glad to be back...

Blue for life...

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