Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Primetime Football in Nebraska

I saw two pieces of news on social media on Monday that did not make me happy.  First, the Michigan - Nebraska will be a primetime game.  I hate that Fox, ESPN, ABC, and BTN have to fill primetime games every Saturday.  I can think of two Harbaugh primetime wins on the road, Minnesota and Rutgers.  Keep putting OSU - Akron on at 8:00 and let Michigan play at noon.  

Second, Wisconsin has the #1 rushing defense in the country and its not even close.   Which means that Michigan will not be able to be one dimensional against Wisconsin with the run.   At least this is a noon game. 

Do you ever wonder how former Michigan players are doing that transferred? I do.  

Guys that you still can't believe are still in college:

Kekoa Crawford at CAL: Had over 100 yards receiving in a loss to Washington

O'Maury Samuels at New Mexico State: 34 yards rushing and 10 yards receiving

Aubrey Solomon at Tennessee: no stats 

Kareem Walker at South Alabama: had a bye 

Jordan Anthony at Troy: 3 tackles in a loss to Rich Rod's team

Other notable transfers:

Zach Charbonnet UCLA:  118 yards and 1 TD 

Jaylen Kelly-Powell Akron: 5 tackles in a loss at the Horseshoe

Oliver Martin Nebraska: 3rd Big Ten team and is out with an injury 

Dylan McCaffrey N. Colorado: Passed for 199 yards

Tru Wilson also at N. Colorado: 16 yards on the ground and 4 yards receiving

Joe Milton Tennessee: Off the bench 2/8 for 54 yards 

Hunter Reynolds Utah State: 3 tackles 

Wake Forest has both Christian Turner - 54 yards on the ground and Luigi Vilain - 2 tackles with 1 sack and 1 TFL. 


Chowman said...

I guess you either want to run with the big dogs, or stay on the porch. Big dogs play prime time games, and big dogs can adjust when other teams take away your strengths. I personally relish going up against the #1 rushing defense. We'll find out real fast if the 1st 3 games were real or smoke and mirrors! I said it before, my approach to Michigan football in 2021 and beyond is "I'm not stepping on the rake anymore". Every year there's this false expectations based on taking cupcakes to the woodchipper, and then we play teams that have a pulse and it doesn't look so good! I'm cautiously pessimistic this season!

Saturday brought back all my doubts about Harbaugh and where this program is headed. I saw the same crap I've seen for the past 6 season. When we play teams that just lay down, Jim goes all big and bad, opens up the playbook and runs it up. When we play teams with a back bone and things get tight, Ol' Jimmy goes back to the most plain vanilla play calling you'll ever see. And for anyone that wants to challenge me by saying Gattis is the OC, how many OCs have we had, and how long as it been this way? Point: 1 constant, Jim Harbaugh.

MichiganMan said...

Good take Chowman...but fans here will say you have no idea what is your talking about....

Wisconsin will win by two td....

Chowman said...

Michigan Man. Guess that's their prerogative. I don't apologize for not being a fanboy. I don't buy fall for everything I read or hear. I use the eyeball test. I'm the kind of fan that holds the teams I root for to a certain standard. I want my teams to win. I want my teams to play meaningful games. I want my team to win meaningful game. Sorry, seeing Michigan rush for 800 yards against NIU and beating them 63 - whatever, doesn't move the needle for me.

MichiganMan said...

I said the same thing they called me a bucknut boy... 😂.... If Michigan don't open up their passing game Wisconsin will stack the box and Michigan will have less than 100 yard Rushing...

Blue for life

Justwin said...

We call you a bucknut boy, bc you are obviously an Ohio troll. You don’t have any insights or thoughts beyond “fire don brown” and absurd predictions.

Chowman provides analysis above. Whether someone agrees or not isn’t important (and I know chowman doesn’t care if I agree). But he provides reasoning. It’s a good post, regardless of whether I agree.

MichiganMan said...

Good job Justin...you friend just had an adult conversation without making no sense...

What is your predication for the game this weakened..?

Blue for Life...

Fire Don Brown for AZ....