Friday, September 24, 2021

Rutgers Preview

Time: 3:30 EST
Location: Big House 
Weather: 66 10% rain 
Line: Michigan -20.5

Dear Jimmy,
Well done through three games and now we start the Big Ten season.  This Rutgers team gave everything you wanted and more last season in New Jersey.  This isn't the team that you and Peppers put 70 on a few years ago.   This is a team full of transfers with a 3-0 record as well.  

Michigan has been playing mostly mistake free football for the first 3 weeks and that will need to continue on Saturday.  I know you don't look at lines but after Rutgers "paint ball" incident this week, they are nearly a 3 TD underdog in the Big House.   Everyone also knows what is coming up next week as the Wolverines take a trip to Madison (too bad the Ryder Cup is this weekend) .   I hate the idea of trap games but this could be one of them.  

Let's talk about trap games for a minute.  As this team is coming back to relevance and your seat gets colder in the eyes of the national media, Michigan can't over look anyone.  Rutgers is looking for a program defining win and they would love nothing but an upset win in the Big House.  As you know, their defense is only giving up 11 points per game.  

Keep running the ball and mixing in the pass to keep the Rutgers defense honest.  Corum is a superstar and get him the ball as much as you can.   I would also like McNamara to get a bit more comfortable in the passing game, we will need his decision making and arm to win games during the Big Ten.   

On the defensive side of the ball, keep up the good work.  I like what McDonald is doing and love how all the Wolverines run to the ball.  If Michigan plays their game they should be in good shape in this game.  If there is a ton of penalties and turnovers, this game will became uncomfortable. 

Play smart football and make sure the team matches or exceeds Rutgers intensity.   Your team has the talent and coaching to win this game.  

Michigan 31 Rutgers 14


MichiganMan said...

Bob I like your prediction.....I think we will win but I am going with:

Michigan 45 Rutgers 10

Justwin said...

Rutgers isn’t Washington, but their pass defense is def better than the run d. It’s got to be run, run, run to open pass. Rutgers is solid with Greg S back at the helm. Will be a close game, I think.

MichiganMan said...

Good call Justin...