Sunday, November 7, 2021

Indiana Post Game: Ugly Football

AP Photo/Tony Ding

I will start this post with a caveat:  I love it when Michigan wins a football game.  As long as they are not cheating I will take wins anyway they come, good, bad, or ugly.   With that said, this one was not pretty.  

I think that is the way Jim Harbaugh likes it.  He wants to possess the ball, run the ball, get points, and force the other team to punt.   Indiana is like that friend we all had in high school, that we really didn't like but showed up with a case of beer and we liked him a little more.   IU had good enough players to not get blown out on defense but not enough to have a competent offense.   That IU LB Fitzgerald is really good and will be in the NFL soon.   The Wolverines couldn't block him at all. 

Michigan has a few problems and its red zone offense is a big one.   Injuries are another but we will get into more details on that in Sunday's must read, Cheers and Jeers.  


  • A win is a win
  • Haskins is a grown man running the ball 
  • Outside a couple of drives the defense played well 
  • Hutch and Ojabo are becoming the best DE tandem in the country
  • Schoonmaker had a nice game at TE with 2 TD's and one great catch out of bounds
  • Loved to see Michael Barrett back on the field 
  • Upshaw and 2 TFL's and a sack 
  • DJ Turner did a nice job in punt return
  • Moody is Money 
  • DB's had a nice game and held IU to 88 yards in the air 
  • Nick Sheridan, IU OC and former Michigan QB now looks like Sergio Garcia 
  • Injuries are a problem which include: Corum, Anthony, Henning, Edwards, All, Green, and McNamara was a little banged up. 
  • Kick ball is good but bad.  Moody is doing a great job, but red zone offense is a huge blemish on the face of this team right now.  Michigan will get beat by better teams when they can't score TD's over FG's.  See last week. 
  • Michigan's best two catches of the year where an OPI in the opener and an out of bounds catch by Schoonmaker.
  • Michigan continues to go to the book for 2 point attempts and each time looks terrible.  How about we kick the extra point and not take another opportunity to fail in the red zone?
  • I'm not seeing much upside in the 2 QB shuffle any longer.  If the game is in doubt, play Cade.  If Michigan is up by 3 TD's play JJ. 

Purdue did Michigan a favor by beating Sparty on Saturday.  They figured out that you don't run at Sparty, you pass against that really bad secondary.   Then you do all you can to contain Kenny.  Purdue will be our BFF's if they can do the same thing next week in Columbus. 

Michigan - Penn State is now confirmed for a noon kick as a night game was not possible.  That is a small W for the Wolverines going into this week.  Penn State is a werewolf and plays much different at night at home.  

Michigan has a ton to work on this week and maybe the #1 thing is to get healthy as they embark on a two game road trip again to Penn State and Maryland.  Lots to play for, I hope they can find a way to get all they can out of this team and season. 


szanreno said...

I don't know if I was more happy for the Michigan win or for the Michigan State loss. The game went pretty much as I figured it would go. I didn't expect them to get up to the same intensity level that they had last week. That wasn't going to happen. I suspect now that they got a win back under their belt the intensity level will be raised up next week at Penn State. Win or lose I think they'll play a pretty damn good game. I agree that the job is Cade's to lose. We do have some issues but I think those will be ironed out a little bit next week now that the focus is back a little bit. Hope none of the injuries are too severe. We need some of those dudes back for next week. Go Blue!

Cormac said...

I don't know why there is any further debate about who should start at QB! After last night, I think that JJ still has plenty of work to do. The QB job is Cade's to lose.

ScottyDoggs said...

Bob, appreciate comment about "quarterback scuffle", it's basically chicken du-du, but Harbaugh (win or lose) is set in his ways (like an old man like me).

ScottyDoggs said...
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