Thursday, November 18, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Big Ten Preview Week 12

This an interesting weekend on who might make the trip to Indy.   If OSU wins they could take out Sparty, if Sparty wins they will have the inside track with only a win over Penn State needed.   Wisconsin seems to have the inside track in the West with Nebraska and Minnesota left.   That was hard to believe earlier this season. 

#7 MSU @ #4 OSU (-19):  How can 2 top 7 teams have a -19 number on it?  Because OSU has a fantastic passing offense and MSU has a terrible pass defense.  Unless Kenny goes completely invisible mode, this is going to be a long day for Sparty.    MSU needs to pray for 30 mile per hour winds, rain, sleet, and snow.  Use the Purdue games and your comp.   OSU 41 MSU 20

Purdue (-11) @ Northwestern:  The Spoilermakers finally get a break in the schedule after MSU and OSU back to back.   IF Purdue shows up they should win easy.   Purdue 30 Northwestern 14

Rutgers @ PSU (-17):  Penn State's season has been a long one and they have MSU nest week.  Penn State 28 Rutgers 10

Illinois @#17 Iowa (-12.5): Iowa is the better team but will they show it?   Iowa 20 Illinois 13

Nebraska @ #15 Wisconsin (-9.5):  Wisconsin defense will win this game.  Wisconsin 24 Nebraska 14

Minnesota @ IU:  Will Indiana get its first Big Ten win?  IU 17 Minnesota 14 

  • Michigan Basketball is in Vegas for a tournament this weekend
  • I keep forgetting to post this:  After PSU had the strip sack and field goal:  They had a 75% chance of winning the game. 
  • The Patriots have activated Chase after being on the IR 
  • Michigan State is working on a 10-year, $95 million contract extension for Mel Tucker. Be careful here Sparty. Research ND and Charlie Weiss. I understand what your doing, trying to protect a coach that will probably have better offers but last year your University was financially strapped and now your about to do a $100 contract. I agree Mel has done a great job this year, but its just 1 year.


Chowman said...

Sparty is in a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation. There are a lot of primo job openings this year and there are going to be a limited number of coaches to fill them. Simple supply and demand. It is limited sample size and its a roll of the dice, but you know if Sparty slowed rolled the guy, his agent would of went out on the open market and got him paid. He's shown already, he'll leave for the bigger paycheck

Cormac said...

I wonder if this deal will eliminate MT from consideration at USC, LSU, and other places?

Voice of Reason said...

It looks like Sparty is spending money that they can't afford because their coach won the two games against Michigan. I believe Sparty's success is more of an aberration than real and will not sustain itself over time. MT says that msu is a destination school, NO it is not, there is nothing sexy about msu. Even the CFP people overall watched the Michigan game and saw that msu was dominated but lost when Michigan shot themselves in the foot and the officials blundered. Sparty should be coming back to earth sooner than later. In the meantime, they will be on the hook for big dollars when they want to fire MT. IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

Its not MSU money...booster will lose some chump change...not the University. Mel Tucker will fired sooner than later...

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