Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: 2 Good and 1 Bad

Let's start with the bad, as the Wolverines lost to Seton Hall last night on bad defense and poor outside shooting.   First off, lets not over react because this is a young team and still trying to jell.   If you remember, Michigan had a head scratcher against Oakland last season.  

With that said, this team has more to over come and needs to find some offense when Hunter is off the floor.   

Houstan is a true freshman and will have nights like last night.   He needs to work on his defense. 

Jones so far is a disappointment to me, I expected a player with high basketball IQ, playmaking, and a scorer that could get 20 if the team needed it.   I'm starting to believe Michigan should go to Zeb (when healthy) and Kobe instead.  Play the young guys.  

Johns is back to playing without any confidence and making too many mistakes.  He needs to be coming off the bench.  

Brooks has to be Livers and needs to score more.  He shot more last night which was a positive.  

Hunter is an All American and right now is Michigan's only offensive option. 

So lots of the above is fixable, the problem is the only shooters in the bunch are Brooks and Houstan.   Where is Michigan going to find outside shooting?  Zeb?  Its a real problem.  Good thing Juwan and team have plenty of time to figure it out. 

Ok, lets turn the page to the good! 

  • Juwan signed a 5 year extension and should be Michigan's coach for a long time!    
  • Michigan Football gets a 4 star LB in Jimmy Rolder from Chicago! 

Jimmy is the classic late rising senior LB that was under recruited because of COVID.   He didn't get his first offer until September and then they started rolling in from the likes of:  Michigan, OSU, Wisconsin, LSU, Florida, Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota, and more.   That is quite the land slide of offers as Jimmy climbed the rankings.  Right now on 24/7 composite he is the 35th LB in the country. 

Jimmy visited Ann Arbor for the Northwestern game and came away impressed and committed last night.   

“It was a fantastic experience,” his father told The Michigan Insider's Brice Marich coming out of the visit. “It is within three or three and a half hours of our home. We got up there and got to meet with Jim Harbaugh, Coach Mike Macdonald and Coach George Helow before the game and after the game, which was pretty special. They took us on a nice campus tour, saw the facilities and some of Jimmy’s friends go to school up there, so we were able to visit with them and we got a win over Northwestern, which was just great. I think Jimmy was impressed with all the things he was looking for in meeting the coaching staff and players. The facilities are top notch. He really likes the way they play defense and we got a chance to review Michigan film with Coach Macdonald and Coach Helow and he loved it. He’s going around visiting schools and this all came on in a fury. He just got another offer from Wisconsin, so his head is spinning right now."

Michigan needed a LB and are really high on Rolder who is 6'2 and 222 already.   This is not a late throw in type of offer, this is a guy Michigan would of been recruiting for a year if they would have known about him.  

  • Michigan still #6 in the CFP rankings
  • Nearly 6 Million people watched the Michigan - PSU game, which is the highest afternoon rated game on ABC this season. 

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