Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: The Best Michigan Secondary Ever?

I was eating lunch on Monday wondering what type of defense Michigan can run to slow down the Ohio State passing game.  Then I thought, we should just bring back Woodson for a game.  Which got me thinking, if Michigan could put a legacy all-star video game type of defensive backfield together what would it look like?   Here is my shot at it:


CB1: Charles Woodson - NFL Hall of Famer and Heisman trophy award winner.  He is he GOAT and the easiest decision on here. 

CB2: Ty Law - Drafted if the 1st Round, Hall of Famer and 3X Super Bowl Champion 

Starting Nickel - Jabrill Peppers, 5-star recruit, drafted in the first round, still active player, and a Heisman finalist.

Backup 1: Marlin Jackson, 1st round draft pick and great Michigan CB 

Backup 2: Jourdan Lewis - active player for the Dallas Cowboys 

Backup Nickel:  Leon Hall - drafted in the 1st round but didn't have a great NFL career 

Honorable Mentioned:  David Long, Jermey LeSueur


S1: Tripp Wellborne - Drafted in the 7th round in the 91 Draft.  2 time All American! 

S2: Marcus Ray - Won a National Championship at Michigan and is from Columbus. 

Backup 1:  Dax Hill, 5-star recruit and quietly one of the best Safeties we have ever had in Ann Arbor.  I was a close to starting him over Ray.   Give Marcus the start and then play Dax! 

Bacup 2: Jarrod Wilson, has had a 5-year NFL career. 

Honorable Mentioned:  Josh Mettelus, Dealno Hill. Corwin Brown

There you have it, my list of current and former greats in Michigan's secondary.  Did I forget a name, do you disagree with a selection?  Do you think that lineup can slow down the Buckeyes current offense?

I know many of you might not remember Tripp, but that guy could play safety and was one of my favorite Wolverines of all time.   He was the classic great college player but only played two NFL game. 

  • Blake Corum used his NIL money to give away turkeys to people in need in Ypsi.  The Michigan Difference. 
  • 22 LB Joshua Joesphs picked TN over Michigan and others
  • Sounds like Adrian Martinez is out for Nebraska on Friday
  • MAction tonight includes two teams Michigan played this season who are playing each other (NIU and WMU)
  • It has to be open season on all the committed recruits to schools that don't have a head coach next season.  LSU just lost a 5-Star freshman CB that played this year. 


Chowman said...

Peppers was ALL hype. He wasn't good in coverage. One career interception that came a on a tipped ball????? He did do one thing very very well. He was good at blowing up bubble screens. But to say he was one of top 3 CB is just lunacy. He couldn't hold Woodson's or Law's jock strap. Too small to play LB, didn't have the cover skills to play saftey, let alone CB.

Justwin said...

Fun list and good idea. I’ll have to think of any additions, but a solid start.

For the inquiring “mind” asking about my airplane trip. Yes, I’m flying to Dubai. The crown Prince directly contacted me to come over and fix a bunch of mistakes made by some illiterate “computer expert” who kept yelling, “go Bucks!” Can’t imagine who that might be.

Tim said...

Justwin - Ha! well played.

I agree that Peppers did leave a lot to be desired during his career at Michigan. I don't believe he played in a huge meaningful win nor do I remember thinking after a win "we don't with that w/o Peppers" However, he was not undersized to play his hybrid LB role at MI and he was an elite athlete.

This lists reminds me how much we need to improve our secondary recruiting.

I still wonder what happened with Donovan Warren. He killed it as a freshman, was solid (I think) for two more years then got some bad advice and went pro and went undrafted. Sad realities of the NFL. Did he lack elite speed? He seemed to hit his ceiling as a freshman.

ScottyDoggs said...

I hate to complain, but the comment by "justwin" flying to Dubai was just a bit "too funny"... and quite clever too! Proves you do not have to be derogatory to
berate another's post. Well done and quite humorous....

szanreno said...

Outstanding post Justwin, I don't care what you say that was funny. The only thing I can add about peppers is I do believe if he had played in the Orange Bowl when we played Florida we probably would have won that game. I can't prove it it's just a feeling...

Unknown said...

Barry Pierson !

Mitch said...

Thom Darden should be on this list

ScottyDoggs said...

My curiosity got the best of me when "unknown" mentioned the name "Barry Pierson" .... not knowing what I would find, I looked up the name and Barry had 3 interceptions and a 61 yard punt return in the famous 69 game against Ohio State, Barry certainly put the fork in the "hot dog" (Ohio State) that day. First football game I ever watched and most memorable, became "Blue for life", except I became a little flakey last 13 years....

MichiganMan said...

Guys lets concentrate on "THE GAME", let us not worry about Justin going to Dubai...Justin let me know where you staying buddy I will see you there next month...

Jebrille Pepper was a decent LB but that guy can't play CB or SS...I am praying every day we somehow pull this game off...they exceeded by expectation and who cares if they win or lose Rose Bowl...If you didn't make the playoffs the bowl games are an opportunity for guys to start and show their talent....at least JJ should start the bowl game...

Blue for life
Hire Don Brown!!

ScottyDoggs said...

Justwin {{{CAUTION}}}
Sleep on your back perchance he finds out where you are staying!!!

MichiganMan said...

Guys how can we slow down Ohio state's offense any thoughts?

Blue for life
Hire Dan Brown