Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Firing Coach Season + Basketball Thoughts Before Seton Hall Tonight

Firing your coach season has started early this year.  There are a ton of jobs open and that number will continue to grow.   

Do you want to coach out West?  How does USC or Washington suit you?

How about Sunny Florida?  FIU fired Butch Davis, whose job was posted online like a month ago.  He also fired back with, we haven't recruited off campus in two years, our jerseys are 9 years old, and we had to get free 5 year old shoulder pads from Mississippi State just to compete.  How good of a job is that?

Dan Mullen's seat is boiling at Florida and Miami's AD quit (or was fired) last night, which probably means there is disagreement over Manny Diaz who lost a painful game to FSU on Saturday.  

Maybe you prefer Virginia? Just moments ago, VA Tech got rid of Justin Fuente.   There has been smoke around Josh Gattis for this job. 

Do you like Dallas/Fort Worth?  TCU has an opening in a strong recruiting state.  

Maybe you prefer the Bayou?  LSU won a National Championship a couple of years ago and also has great instate talent. 

Who is going to fill all these jobs?  Everyone wants a big name coach and there isn't enough of those to go around and the season isn't even over yet.  This is going to be a crazy off season.  

Regarding Gattis, the rumor mill is spinning that Jimmy loves QB coach Matt Weiss and would love to give him full control over the offense.  

Basketballs Thoughts as Michigan takes on Seton Hall tonight at 9:00.  

This is a young team for the most part and to start making firm evaluations is much too early.   With that said, I'm going to give a few early thoughts on what I've seen through 2 games.  

  • Eli is a super senior and we need him to look for his shot.  He needs to be averaging 16-20 points per game.  Its time for him to be an alpha dog.  
  • Davante Jones needs to find his role.   I'm waiting for him to look like a NBA PG and shooter.   
  • Houstan and Diabate are fun to watch but they can't be a large percentage of the offense every night.  
  • Hunter is great but needs some outside shooting help.  I feel like he is Michigan's entire offense strategy right now.  Who is the backup center right now?  Diabate and Hunter have been on the floor together a lot. 
  • Need Zeb to be healthy to see what he can bring.  
  • Johns is Johns and will always be the same player every year.  I think he would be better off the bench with the energy he brings.  
  • Williams game has improved and the 3 looks good early.   He is a guy to watch on how his game improves during year.  

Michigan has looked disjointed most of the time through two games.  That is about opponent but also about them trying to find their way.   There is a ton of talent on the team but shooting and rebounding is a concern for me.   Let's hope its just growing pains and Michigan will find their way as Howard teams continue to get better during the year.   

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