Friday, December 17, 2021

Michigan Friday: Peach Pit

The Peach Bowl was hoping for a match-up of two of the best offensive players in the country:  Pitt's QB Kenny Pickett and MSU's RB Kenneth Walker, both announced they will be heading to the NFL and will skip the Peach Bowl yesterday.   Jake Butt supports this move.  Also, Peach Bowl Tickets available. 

I have a public service announcement for Michigan fans attending the Orange Bowl, unless you're at mid-field I would not recommend buying level 300 tickets.   I purchased Michigan's allotment of tickets the last time Michigan was in the Orange at Hard Rock in the 300 level and the tickets were awful and a waste of money.   Of course, make your own decisions but with the cost of tickets for the Orange Bowl, I just wanted to let you know my experience. 

  • Joe Buck last night saying the Chargers TE that suffered a head injury and was going through a reaction called "Fencing" should be fined or suspended for saying he could be cold.   
  • Nebraska's QB Adrian Martinez is transferring to Kansas State for his 18th season in college football
  • Nick Sheridan got a new job at Washington, the same place his QB Michael Penix is going
  • Domani Jackson ended up at USC anyways 
  • Sam Webb has put in a CB for Virigina Center Victor Oluwatimi, Rimington Award Finalist to transfer to Michigan.
  • Nebraska LB Jackson Hannah is entering the transfer portal, he was highly rated out of HS
  • Oklahoma State Mike Gundy is not happy with Ryan Day and used Harbaugh's 3rd base line to describe his displeasure of Day stealing his DC


szanreno said...

We must have been in the same section that night cuz I remember being miserable up there. Was cold and windy and the seats were bad.
Jake Butt said he supports the players decision. He is not a proponent of sitting out, just of their decision...

ScottyDoggs said...

Jake Butt was projected 1st rounder, went 5th round....2020 rookie payments almost 17 million (1st round).... fifth round 300,000 average (ouch)...but Jake Butt said he would do it again! Jake went in 2017 (I believe),,,, the latest figures draws a comparison to differential pay levels.... Rob Lytle died and was pretty beat up from playing... "Rob" said "he would not change a thing"