Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Welcome to NSD!


  • DB recruits are elite
  • WR went from a class weakness to a strength
  • Huge close only missing out on 1 prospect 
  • 5 New commits today (Four 4-Stars and one 3-Star)
  • Will do a deeper recap on Thursday!  

Signed LOI and New Wolverines

  1. OL Alessandro Lorenzetti 7:18 AM
  2. TE Marlin Klein 
  3. RB CJ Stokes 
  4. CB Domani Dent 
  5. LB Micah Pollard 
  6. LB Jimmy Rolder 
  7. DB Myles Pollard 
  8. OL Connor Jones 
  9. WR Tyler Morris 
  10. OT Andrew Gentry 
  11. DB Zeke Berry
  12. DT Mason Graham 
  13. DB Keon Sabb 
  14. TE Colston Loveland
  15. WR Amorion Walker 
  16. QB Alex Orji
  17. DB Kody Jones 
  18. LB Deuce Spurlock 
  19. QB Jayden Denegal 
  20. DT Kenneth Grant
  21. WR Darrius Clemons 
  22. CB Will Johnson ★★★★★
  23. DL Derrick Moore 
Commits Still Out:
-CB Will Johnson 
-DT Ken Grant 
-QB Jayden Denegal 
-LB Aaron Alexander 

Latest News:  

  • DL Derrick Moore is a Wolverine!!πŸ‘
  • WR Darrius Clemons is 100% Blue   πŸ‘
  • The Detective is sticking with Michigan! 😎
  • Kody Jones announces he is staying with Michigan πŸ˜Ž
  • Virginia Tech QB Alex Orji is now Blue!!!πŸ‘
  • Former Clemson Commit Keon Sabb Flips to Michigan πŸ‘
  • ND Commit Amorion Walker Flips to Michigan πŸ‘
  • Not Michigan related but it's expected the #1 player in the 2022 class is going to flip from Florida State to Coach Prime at Jackson State.   That is a FSU on FSU crime. 
  • Michigan worked to keep Dent, who Miami and Florida was after.  
  • 2-2 on Pollard's.  
  • Michigan is taking hits at DE with Henry's delay and Burke's flip to Texas today.  Seems to me Michigan just had a DE in NYC and finished 2nd in the Heisman.  Burke is rated as the 601st player in the country, 38th edge rusher, and 86th player in TX (24/7). 
  • Cass Tech's Deone Walker has signed with UK πŸ‘Ž


Good morning!  Should be a fun day as recuts sign their LOI's and new guys jump on board.  

Before we get started, I wanted to list the guys we are tracking that could be new commits to Michigan.  Some of the guys won't announce until this afternoon.  

Michigan NSD Non-Commit Board:

  1. 4-Star WR Darrius Clemons (3:00) πŸ‘
  2. 4-Star DT Deone Walker (8:00-11:00 EST) πŸ‘Ž
  3. 4-Star WR Amorion Walker (ND Commit) πŸ‘
  4. 4-Star S Keon Sabb (former Clemson commit) πŸ‘
  5. 4-Star DE/LB Derrick Moore (2:45) πŸ‘
  6. 3-Star QB Alex Orji VA Tech Commit πŸ‘
  7. 3-Star Instate Athlete Keon Entringer 

Michigan Commits with a Wondering Eye

  1. 4-Star DE Kevonte Henry (delaying a decision until Feb.) πŸ‘Ž
  2. 3-Star Ethan Burke flipped to TX πŸ‘Ž
  3. 3-Star Damani Dent and Miami πŸ‘
  4. 4-Star Athlete/DB Kody Jones πŸ‘
  5. Detective Deuce Spurlock is getting interest from the SEC πŸ‘

Michigan would love to the clear the Board with 5 out of the 6 guys.  I think Keon Entringer might be a late luxury if Jones or Sabb make other decision.  Keon played WR and S in high school.  As reported yesterday, Moore might be a last second recruiting fight between old friends and great recruiters from Ole Miss and Michigan.   Walker seems to be trending to Michigan, but this has been a roller coaster recruitment, and anything could happen today, even a no decision and sign in February. 

Herny might follow Courtney Morgan to Washington and stay on the West Coast.   Jones is wanted by Tennessee and the SEC. 

Let's get it going!!! 


High Sierra Howard said...

Burke flipped to Texas.

High Sierra Howard said...

Gentry signed.

Goblu said...

Is there cause for concern that Will hasn't signed?

BlueManGroup said...

247 showing Walker signed with Kentucky. Dumb move.

rmsblue said...

I started to get concerned also, but Will Johnson signing ceremony after he gets out of school today.

Goblu said...

I went to South... fun school

High Sierra Howard said...

Clemons is in!

Voice of Reason said...


Thank you for a job well done as always. IMHO!!!

szanreno said...

Appreciate your efforts today...

Bob said...

Thanks everyone it was a fun day!!