Monday, January 17, 2022

Michigan Monday MLK Day: A Busy Weekend

The Michigan Regents decided to fire Michigan's President Mark Schlissel who had an inappropriate relationship within his organization. Mark had already resigned but the Regents removed him immediately.   If you're wondering how this affects the Football team? I will tell you that The University of Michigan is a multi-Billion-dollar business.  Yes, Football is important but not as important as the Hospital for example.  Ok, that wasn't an answer. Insiders believe this was a positive development for the football team and an NIL program.  Which hopefully means a positive for Jimmy staying.  

Update you say? Jimmy was very involved in the recruiting weekend and was at the hockey game again.   The Raiders did lose a close game in Cincy.   The players want to keep Rich Bisaccia but NFL insiders don't believe he has a legit shot at the full-time job.   To recap: Jimmy is doing his regular job and now The Raiders are in the market for a head coach.  The Raiders will have to follow the Rooney Rule, so this nowhere near the finish line.  No other NFL teams has interviewed Jimmy officially

  • 2023 TE Andrew Rappleyea has committed to Michigan.  Andrew is from the New England Forest where Michigan grows large TE's.   Andrew is a 4-star 6'4 and 225 pounds.  Welcome Big Man! 
  • 2023 DL Joel Starlings has decommitted.  If you remember, Joel committed then said his recruitment is still 100% open.  
  • Jake Moody is returning for another year at Michigan.  This is huge news for the best kicker in College Football. 
  • Iowa's Kirk Ferentz and his program has had racial issues.  This past week, he received a long-term contract extension, then Kirk dissolved a diversity group that recommend to Iowa that he step down.   Kirk is a good football coach, but sometimes a person is in a role just too long.   
  • Former Michigan coach Al Washington, who left Ann Arbor for Columbus.  Will now be the DL Coach at ND.   Seem like a fair trade. 
  • Moe Wagner and Luka Doncic mixed it up over the weekend.

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szanreno said...

I read an article one time about Kirk and his wife within their community and neighborhood. Apparently they're both a piece of work...