Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: News and Notes

  • Former Wolverine DB David Long got the shortest Pick 6 in NFL Playoff history last night.  Congrats David! 
  • The Mike Elston hire is now official and has been announced by U of M. 
  • Nick Baumgarder says Jimmy has his Michigan offer on the table.   Which I'm pretty sure we all assumed. 
  • Also expected was that the Raiders would fire their GM.  Which happened yesterday.   The Raiders have asked to interview Patriots Assistant Coach Jerod Mayo and director of player personnel Dave Ziegler for the GM role. 
  • What is Jimmy doing now?  Reports are he is in Florida recruiting.  

  • NFL's Super Wild-Card Weekend ended up being a bunch of blow outs.
  • Hunter Johnson started his career as a 5-star QB at Clemson, transferred to Northwestern, played poorly, and is now heading back to Clemson.   That seems to make a ton of sense. 

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