Thursday, January 13, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Row the Boat Big Man

Michigan backup/starter Chuck Filaga choose Minnesota to transfer to.   I knew Chuck would be a hot commodity in the portal and he quickly picked a Big Ten school that Michigan does not face next year.   Good Luck Chuck! 

  • Nothing new on the Harbaugh situation.  If I had to guess, he is waiting to hear the Raiders offer before making a decision.  
  • Mike Smith scored 31 points last night in the G League
  • Michigan will be hosting 2022 RB Andrew Paul this weekend.  Paul is a late rising prospect, as he scored 41 TD's and ran for over 2600 yards as a senior out of Dallas. 
  • Jeffrey Johnson a grad transfer DT from Tulane is also expected in. 
  • PSU RB Noah Cain is in the portal
  • Michigan's new 2022 schedule is out, home for 8 games with 4 on the road.  Well done, Warde.  The 4 games on the road include Iowa, IU, Rutgers, and Ohio State. 


szanreno said...

It's being reported that Jim and Warde have had heated words. Apparently Warde told Jim that if he didn't hurry up and sign the Michigan fan base would turn against him. Jim told him the Michigan fan base has already turned against him and wanted him gone last year. This might be the reason for him dragging his feet. This was being reported by Greg Henson who is very close to Harbaugh. I still don't believe he will leave unless an NFL offer is crazy money...

Blue In Ohio said...

I think he is considering all of his options, and trying to obtain better cooperation from the admissions office and those who do not see the NIL position being vital to Michigan's ability to compete going forward. If he can't get that....he is gone IMHO.