Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Georgia Wins NC

I guess there is some solace in losing to the National Champion/best team in America.   For what's it worth, I was hoping the Michigan - GA game was going to look a lot like last night game through 3 quarters.  It didn't and I don't know if that was on a bad gameplan or Cade missing his reads.   I do know GA was the better team and had more talent. 

Harbaugh watch - Per John U Bacon, nothing new to report.   If you missed it, Stephen Ross came out and said he is not taking Jimmy from Michigan and it seems the Bears are prioritizing other candidates.  Sounds like Jimmy is waiting to hear from the Raiders who we know are in the playoffs right now, so this might not end soon.  

  • Michigan is ranked #3 in the final AP Poll 
  • Punter Brad Robbins will return for his Super Senior Year 6th year 
  • Looks like Caleb Williams is going to follow his head coach to USC 


Goblu said...

Nice place for us to finish, esp being above Ohio.

And the game was different, but the score with us and Alabama against GA was about the same. So, purely optics, I will take that!

Fingers crossed we get Jim's situation resolved one way or the other asap.

Rudy said...

Leverage...I think this all about Jimmy's leverage. Certainly couldn't blame him if he left after having reality hit him last year when the university impeded the team's ability to train and prepare. The Admin sent the message, and continues to with their NIL reluctance, that they want a good football program but are not all-in on it. Even if they claim it's just a game, it's the best revenue-maker going for the school. Doesn't just raise revenue for the athletic department but many an alumnus contribute to the school based on their connection and football is a large part of that. Anyway, I think he's leveraging his ability to leave in order to grow the resources for the program, the coaches and the players. Rule #1, don't talk about Fight Club. Rule #2, Jimmy stays home.