Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Harbaugh to the NFL Rumors Again

Every year around this time, there are always Harbaugh to the NFL rumors floating around.   This year, those rumors might be legit.   There are 2 NFL franchises that need a coach and has ties to Jimmy.  The Chicago Bears is the franchise that drafted him, and Jimmy is friends with the Raiders ownership.   I have a real hard time seeing Jimmy living in Las Vegas.   Though I still believe the mutual interest might be there.  I hope Jimmy remembers that his coaching style does not really work in the NFL.

We will see what happens but I'm not really up for another Michigan Football coaching search.  I also don't believe any of our coordinators would be ready for the job.    Gattis would seem like the easy pick, but I would be more comfortable with someone with big time head coaching experience. 

Harbaugh's new contract is way undervalued now, so there is a ton to get done before this gets resolved either way.   If you put on Jimmy's shoes there are reasons for staying and going.  


-Just won the Big Ten Title 

-Just beat the Buckeyes 

-Michigan may never have a roster like Georgia or Bama's

-Contract not competitive at the moment 


-Could have a job for the rest of his career

-His words, "This is the beginning, not the end"

-Very good roster coming back

-Very good young coaches on staff 

-Lives close to his parents and clearly loves A2 for his family 

****There are insider reports this morning that Jimmy might be close to signing an extension. 


  • Breaking News: Shaun Nua is becoming the Defensive Line coach at USC.   Good luck to him.  Ryan Osborn is on Harbaugh's staff and is well regarded in the program.  He seems to be the leader in the clubhouse to replace Nua.
  • David Ojabo as expected has declared for the NFL Draft.  Kiper has him in the top 10 and this is a no brainer for him and his family.  I wish nothing but good luck for this special player!  
  • WR Jayden Reed is coming back for another year at MSU
  • Franz Wagner is the NBA Rookie of the Month
  • Jay Harbaugh was named (1 of 4) Special Teams Coaches of the Year
  • LSU was down 40 players in the bowl game last night.   Never seen anything like that.  I would now clearly bet against the SEC in the National Championship game. 😏 


Chowman said...

If Jimmy leaves for the NFL, Vegas is the more realistic choice as the McCaskey's are known to be cheap while Davis has shown he'll write whatever check it takes to get the guy he wants. Plus the semi-final game showed just how far Michigan and the B1G is from the SEC elite.

Rudy said...

I've learned two things: Jimmy is never leaving, and never say never.

szanreno said...

True that...

Voice of Reason said...

According to this bit of information, Osborn is supposed to go to UConn after the season. Plus, there's some smoke regarding Osborn about coaching the defensive line during the spring of this year. This is likely a wait and see here. IMHO!!!

High Sierra Howard said...

Jim Harbaugh last week, "I would do this job for free"