Monday, April 18, 2022

Michigan Monday: Transfers, 3 Pointers, and Notre Dame

Last week was bit of a slow news cycle, so of course that changes on Friday afternoon when the news that Jordan Morant had jumped into the portal.  I was really hoping he would play in Ann Arbor and that I could call him Jo Morant, but it never happened.  It seems the injury bug got Jordan in Ann Arbor and now he wants to take his unlimited eligibility to a new school.   Unlimited is a joke, but with his COVID year and a redshirt, he could play 4 years at his new school.   If his injuries didn't happen, I think we might be taking about Jordan as the next Dax or Jabrill.   Michigan also has some great young depth at the position.  Jimmy's program is still over the 85 cap and will need a few more players to move on prior to Fall Practice. 

  • Hello NBA Playoffs! Jordan Poole goes off for 30 on Saturday and Duncan Robinson has 27 on Easter as both Wolverines propelled their teams to Round 1 victories this weekend.  
  • Notre Dame looks to be a big thorn in Michigan's recruiting lately.  2023 5-star QB Donte Moore has been trending towards ND, 2024 QB CJ Carr (grandson of Lloyd) just got a CB to ND (WTF?), Caleb's Houstan's brother a 4-star DL got a bunch of CB's to ND, and NC 4-star OT Sam Pendleton the same.  Can ND go into Michigan and get the state's best 2 QB's in back-to-back years?
  • Juwan Howard and Michigan BB are leading for Texas Tech forward transfer Terrence Shannon Jr., pending admission acceptance.   Which is always a tricky thing, as U of M is known for not taking a ton of transfer credits.    Shannon averaged 10 points per game and also missed time with some injuries. 
  • Shea Patterson played professional football on TV on Sunday.  I texted Augusta J, that it was SOS, Same Old Shea.   He looked good in spurts (better at running than throwing) and almost had a comeback win but the WR only got 1 foot down for the winning TD catch.  Shea finished 17-for-24 for 192 yards and a TD. He had 31 yards on seven carries and a fumble on the 5 yard that was returned 95 yards for a defensive TD.   In other USFL action, Stribling had an interception.  
  • Former Wolverine DE Lawrence Marshall has joined Cass Teach as its DLine coach.  Congrats Lawrence! 



Ron said...

CJ Carr, CB 2 Notre Dame no way we have to get him

Brady2017 said...

Notre Dame is like a chiwawa. Makes a lot of noise, but nothing to be scared of.