Thursday, April 14, 2022

Michigan Thursday: JJ to Throw Next Week

Michigan might have the best QB depth that they've had since Tom Brady and Drew Henson were competing for the starting job.   I wonder what happened to those guys?

Michigan's 5-star sophomore QB has had a shoulder injury and hasn't thrown in Spring Practice.  They elected to not do surgery and rest the shoulder.   Now, he is back and will restart throwing on Monday.  Jimmy said the following on "In the Trenches" podcast with Jon Jansen:

"JJ, even though he didn’t play in the spring game, he took a lot of reps in spring practice," Harbaugh told Jansen. "Just didn’t throw the ball. He is set to start throwing on Monday."

"He brought, even though he wasn’t throwing, all of the energy, competitive fire, and leadership," Harbaugh said. "Like a kid in a candy store, that’s the best way to phrase what he’s like. There’s just certain guys that are like that, and he’s one of them. At the very highest level in everything, he does with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. You just always want to give him a big hug, just love being around him. He’s even got an extra pep in his step knowing he’s going to be back to throwing on Monday.”

  • Michigan's staff is blowing out offers all over the country right now.  It seems the new staff has gotten its footing on the recruiting trail. 
  • Tom Brady has asked Elon Musk if he buys twitter, can he delete his combine photo. :-)
  • Josh Gattis was given the Broyles Award during his University of Miami press conference today. 

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Brady2017 said...

Josh Gattis is the biggest fraud in college football. He gained notoriety solely by being at Alabama, and wasn't even the primary O.C. there. Then he comes to A.A. and flops his first couple years, the offense stunk up the place. Then when Jimmy takes over the reigns again here, Gattis is crude enough to claim all the credit. Can't wait to see him fall flat on his face down in Miami. In fact, I guarantee it!