Friday, May 6, 2022

Michigan Friday: Does the BHB Need Goal Posts?

Seat Geek

From MLive today: The Michigan Stadium goal posts are available in a University of Michigan auction that’s open through midnight May 16 from the U of M Property Disposition Department.

The crossbars are about 18 feet wide and the posts are about 20 feet tall, officials said. They would require sandblasting prior to painting, officials said, and would need to be picked up directly from Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. The buyer is responsible for removal and loading.

If you ever wanted to own the Big House Field Goal Posts! Now is your time! 

Also, I'm concerned we won't be kicking any field goals and going for 2 after each TD! 


szanreno said...

I'm not really interested in bidding on them but I would be curious to hear what they sell for. Anyone want to take a guess?

Voice of Reason said...

Not sure how far they go back. If they go back to the days of Bo and Woody then maybe more people would be interested, however, if they only go back to the days of osu running up and down through them then it would be a wonder if anyone
"Blue" would be interested. But then again, Michigan did have its last game there was against osu when the curse was finally maybe a rich alumnus would consider it. IMHO!!!