Monday, May 16, 2022

Michigan Monday: Combining the Combines

It used to be, you were either invited to the NBA Combine or you weren't.   That was it.  Now there are 2 Combines and they are both starting today.   One for the NBA and one for the G-League.   Diabate will be a participant at the NBA Combine and Brooks will be participating in the G-League version.  Still no word from Houstan on his plans for anything.   The upside for Moussa is that his athleticism bolts him into round 1 and for Eli its to turn some heads for a summer league invite.   There he can work his way to a 2-way deal between an NBA and G-League roster spot.   Good Luck to both of them! 

  • Michigan Softball made the NCAA Tournament and will face South Dakota State
  • Cole Cabana's (4 star RB commit for the Wolverines) family was featured on a recent Sportscenter 
  • Devin Gartner has been nominated for 2 awards for his work with Bally's at the 2022 Michigan Emmy Awards 
  • For golf fans, there are plenty of story lines at the PGA Championship this week.  Phil is out, might have lost $40M, might be joining the Saudi League, Tiger is playing, is Brooks hurt?, Spieth is playing well, will Scottie stay hot, and many more...............


Goblu said...

Phil better be careful joining that Saudi league after calling them 'scary'... those dudes don't mess around and have long memories!

Brady2017 said...

Was never a fan of Phil. He always seemed to choke in the big ones. Koepka can stay home for all I care. Biggest baby on the tour. Whines all the time then blames others for his fails.